Friday, November 11, 2011

fashion friday/// week 12

While I guess there is an overall right and wrong in the high-fashion world, the thing I love about the blogs I read is that there isn't. Every person dresses in their own unique way and that's what makes me love it the most. The thing I love second most is how people restyle or repurpose items to make different outfits. Their sense of creativity and one of a kind charm is what woos me to their blog worlds and internet closets.
The ladies below are no different....

Blogger: in bugs drawers
Something about this lady just screams (to me) school girl with a charm. Perhaps its from her first outfit shown here, but all of her clothes seems to original and vintage and I love how each look is different and uniquely her own.

Blogger: cupcakes and cashmere
This blogger may be my absolute favorite fashionista of all time. No lie. She makes everything and anything look beautiful. But let's face it, her clothes are also to die for. Be my shopping buddy, please?!?!?!?


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