Monday, November 28, 2011

52 lists in 52 weeks/ list 26

Well, Thanksgiving (for us American folks, lol) has come and gone. I can't believe it. But in the spirit of giving thanks, I decided to make this week's list (a day late, I know) all about being thankful, because let's face it, we aren't always the most positive (well I'm not). So.....

Week 26 list: I am thankful for.....

A God who always forgives

A Saviour who lived

A mom is who always there when I need her and makes me laugh

An amazing dad (who I got to know well, if even for a sort time)

Amazing Pensacola friends that always make visiting feel like we've come home

A safe and fun Thanksgiving weekend

South Florida friends that are more like extended family

A family who loves me

My stepdad who always tries to spoil my mom and I

My bestie, who knows me inside and out and yet still loves me

A boyfriend who loves me

My pup Au'bre who is always there to greet me

Coco and Buttons (my former dogs) that made me fall in love with dogs

Not 1, but 2 jobs

Co-workers that I get along with so well

Bosses that make my jobs better places

My working (and pretty) car

My big and comfortable bed that I never want to leave

A cozy home

My Jacksonville friends that are so wonderful

Books and movies that keep me well entertained

Blogs and websites that keep me inspired

Music that makes me happy

Crafts that keep me occupied and happy

Money that keeps a roof over my head and gives me food for my belly

A school that gave me 2 degrees and that I never have to go to again!!

For Christmas music that gets me in the spirit

For church that reminds me of why I'm here

For love that's not always easy to come by

For lazy days

For busy days

For Starbucks coffee that cheers me up

For pumpkin spiced anything because it makes it feel like Fall

For anything and everything that inspires me

Past boyrfiends and friends that taught me valuable lessons

Past teachers that gave me hope for my teaching career

The past that got me to this point

A future that is undecided

Oh and since this is the half-way mark of the 52 weeks of lists, I thought I would leave a little cheat sheet of all the lists done so far (ya know, in case you missed any)!

Post where you can learn more about this project.

WEEK 1: "Today I Will....."

WEEK 2: 10 things I learned from a place I visited, places I visited, or from where I live...."

WEEK 3: Things I learned from my dad (or another parent figure)

WEEK 4: Wish List

WEEK 5: You waiting list of books

WEEK 6: 10 things to let go of

WEEK 7: Things to do on a rainy day

WEEK 8: Ways to be a great companion

WEEK 9: Things I am looking forward to

WEEK 10: Favorite Spaces and Places

WEEK 11: Things I will miss about summer

WEEK 12: 8 Wonderful stunning things about yourself that they do not know

WEEK 13: Things I love about my job

WEEK 14: Wonderful qualities that someone I love possesses

WEEK 15: Things I am obsessed with as of late

WEEK 16: My life to do list (to be completed within the near future)

WEEK 17: Ways to stay creative and inspired

WEEK 18: 10 things I love about Sunday

WEEK 19: 8 stunning and beautiful things about yourself

WEEK 20: Things that make me happy

WEEK 21: Halloween to do list

WEEK 22: Things I love about Halloween (or Fall)

WEEK 23: Things I believe in

WEEK 24: 5 things

WEEK 25: Things/thoughts that keep me up at night

Happy belated Thanksgiving,

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