Sunday, November 20, 2011

52 lists in 52 weeks// week 25

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List: Things/thoughts that keep me up at night.
I'm one of those people that stay awake at night for way too long thinking about a million things. My to-dos. What thee next day might be like. What I need to get done the upcoming week. Things I should've done today but didn't, etc. Basically, I over-think and over-analyze which keeps me up a lot of nights. Anyone else guilty of this?

So my list of all the crazy thoughts that keep running through my head at night and keep me up (as of late):

How many more pages left of the book I'm reading?
What do I think will happen next in my book?
What other books do I have to read?
Which book should I read next?
What's on my to-do list this week?
When should I do laundry?
When do I need to pack for Thanksgiving?
How cold is it gonna be this weekend there?
When should I start decorating for Christmas?
What am I going to get people for Christmas?
Who am I going to put on my Christmas gift list?
What time should I wake up tomorrow?
What's the latest I can wake up tomorrow?
What should I do tomorrow night?
What's something I can do to be mushy and surprise Steven with?
What bills do I need to pay?
How am I going to survive getting a smaller paycheck this week (from being sick)?
Am I sick again or is it sinuses?
Can't breathe....stupid stuffed nose.
Fan's too loud...can't sleep.
I wonder what time it is.
If I go to bed now, how many hours of sleep will I end up getting?
I wonder when I'll get to see the new Twilight movie.
I really need to get to the library so I can check out the Twilight books.
Am I pathetic for reading the Twilight books, when y 5th graders are reading them?
When am I going to spend more time crafting?
What else should I include in my Fall scrapbook?
Why won't my computer let me print photos in color anymore?
I wonder if I am tossing and turning too much.
I wish I had gotten water before I got into bed.
Did I really act that ridiculous today?
I need to check my email.
I need to make another pen pal list.
I need to write my pen pals.
I need to get Christmas cards ready to send.
Who should I send Christmas cards to?
How many days until Christmas?

Yea....I think too much. But I did warn you (assuming you actually read this post...if you did, my apologies).
So what's on your list?


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