Monday, April 8, 2013

bridal shower planning

 This past weekend seems kind of like a blur- it went by way to fast. 

Friday was teacher planning day. It was a slow day without the kidos, but I got a lot done. Then I had dinner with my lovely sister. 

Saturday my friend (and partner at work) and I ordered tickets to the Justin Timerblake and Jay-Z concert!!! So excited. Only 4 months!!

Sunday Sarah, Jen, Keags, and Dawn and I met up to plan some things for our friend Erica's wedding shower. Things are starting to come together and I'm soooo excited to see the final thing- only 1 month!!

Keagan was busy trying to find cute pinterest ideas and order invites. Luckily he had Sarah to help him type (since you know he's not spelling yet...)

Jen found the party games and gave us a peek.

And I stole Sarah's harmonica and decided to entertain the group while we were hard at work.
Don't you wish you had us to plan your bridal events?? 'Cause you know we are a lot of fun. And we actually did get a lot of things planned and done!!


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