Tuesday, April 2, 2013

spring break + easter sunday

Spring Break is over as of today. Kinda sad, but I'm also looking forward to getting back into my habits and rituals and I also have missed my students. But it's going to be tough waking up early again!!!

This past weekend I went further south to visit Steven's family for Easter. It was so great getting away and spending time with such great people. We played cornhole. I got some sun! Chloe enjoyed having a backyard. We had an easter egg hunt challenge (and Steven let me win $20). We went to Sunrise Mass. We had breakfast at this hole in the wall diner. We watched tons of basketball. We took family photos on the beach.

Then Sunday we came home and I tried to slowly wrap my mind around going back to school. While I didn't get everything on my to do list done, I was okay with the amount I did. For the most part, it was too chilly to go to the pool or do anything fun outside besides take Chloe to the dog park. Therefore, I spent the majority of my time lying in bed reading while Chlo cuddled with me. I even was able to finish reading Gone With the Wind. Such a good book! I feel like I learned so much about my southern roots and heritage...but that's for another day.
I also spent some much needed time with my mom. And then Monday she brought me over easter baskets for Steven and I. I love that woman. She's always doing something special for me.

And then the other night I caught this:
 How stinking cute right?? 

And of course while trying to prepare myself for back to school, I also spent some time devoted to making paper clocks for my students, since they are learning how to tell time. Of course, after awhile of doing the same thing (about the 21st plate) I got a little loopy and had a FAIL moment. At least I caught it though, haha.

I hope yall had a lovely weekend (and Spring Break if you got one!) 
Ick- now it's down to the FCAT countdown. 2 weeks!!!!


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