Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A-Z // c is for....

C is

And if you know me well, please hold your laughter until you read my explanation.

I've never really been fond of cooking. Baking-yes, but cooking not so much. I'm not entirely sure of why I dislike this activity so much (especially since I love food).
I could use the old excuse "that's not how I was raised", which is somewhat true. My mom, llike most moms these days was a working mom. She also provided for our family, but that usually consisted of quickly made meals after long days at the office. When I got older (and these are the memories I can most remember) my mom was a single mom. She worked lots of hours to make sure she could provide for us, so when she came home the last thing she wanted to do was make a large meal (especially for only two). I wish I could say I was a good daughter and tried to help out with the cooking, but I didn't. I just was use to and was okay with quickly made meals or fast food. Then of course as I got older and stayed out with friends, fast food because a staple. (Gross I know). 
Then there were the college years. I moved out on my own, one year in the dorm and the rest in an apartment. I wasso  preoccupied with school, work, friends, and boys that I barely made time for food, let alone to cook it.
So here I am, a few years out of college and I still haven't gotten that "cooking bug". Sometimes I chalk it up to not being used to it and other times I blame it on lack of interest. Whatever the reason, it still doesn't exactly explain why the pinterest board of mine with the most pins is the food one. Although if you look at the pins, I guess you can tell most are desserts and sweets. Go figure right?

So I guess this post would be more appropriately titled of " c is for....[lack of] cooking". 
You might be curious why I would write an entire post on something I don't really like doing, but the truth of it is it explains more about me. Whether good or not, it's a fact about me that I'm slowly trying to change. I don't like cooking, but I like food. However, I still try to cook more because I owe it to Steven and to our budget. Cooking at home definitely saves money and at times it is even healthier. I also realized that if I wanted to one day be a good wife, I should learn how to cook and learn how to enjoy it. I want to be that kind of wife one day, so why not start training myself now?

Maybe one day I won't despise it as much.
(One can hope).
And if you know of any awesome food blogs that might help me change my mind, please share!!!!!


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