Thursday, April 11, 2013

A-Z // d is for....

D is for.... dating

Like most other things in my life, I was a late bloomer in dating. Shocking I'm sure (especially if you know me, hehe)!  My dating life also has an embarrassing past (although that pretty much sums up all teenage years for anyone I guess).  However I've learned a lot from my mistakes, blunders, and what the hell was I thinking moments.

My first crush was in the 5th grade. The day he found out I was so embarrassed I wanted to cry. Looking back on it, I'm sure it was one of my girl friends that shared the delightful news with him, but at the time I was completely bewildered on how he knew. To make things worse, I was so shy that once he found out I couldn't even look at him. (It didn't help that we were in the same class either).

Later on in 8th grade I had another crush- this time when he found out though I had the sense not to freak out and go running the other way. No this time my match-maker friend decided to interfere and pushed us into talking to each other. And I mean she literally pushed me into him to talk to him. At the time I was proud of myself, I didn't freak out and run away, but I didn't exactly make great conversation. This was the first time I actually talked to a guy I liked and I thought liked me back. The lame conversation continued and a few weeks later on our 8th grade field trip to Adventure Landing theme park, he hooked up with a good friend of mine. I definitely found my voice after that.

Then, in 9th grade, my freshman yer of high school I got a new crush- who also happened to be a senior. The same match maker friend again convinced me to do something and afraid of repeating the previous years mistakes, I actually made a move. Of course, I should've thought "the move" through a little more. Without having ever of talked to this boy, I walked right up to him while we all switched classes and gave him my number and mumbled something along the lines of "just in case". Lame, I know. I still blush thinking of that painful moment. Turns out, he also had a girlfriend (yea- definitely didn't think this through). For the next couple of months I got a lot of weird stares from the seniors of our school, especially his girlfriend.

My first boyfriend was my junior year in high school and lasted a whole 2 months. The best part of the relationship was probably that he broke up with me the day after my birthday.

Mt first love was the next year. It was a great relationship and I still think back fondly on those times. He was (and is) one of the best guys I've ever known. I learned a lot from that relationship and especially from him.

From that point until this time I've dated a few other guys and I've learned even more lessons. Some were hard to learn, but I learned them nonetheless. And I'm so grateful that I did, because it's brought me to where I am now in life and love. I've made tons of embarrassing mistakes with Steven as well, but luckily it's nothing as bad as my earlier moments. And I'm also lucky that he is just entertained by them and doesn't hold them against me. I'm a very lucky girl.



Amanda Rose said...

I've been through my share of awkward relationships, too. The main point is we got through them, learned a hell of a lot about ourselves, and more about what we deserve and what we don't deserve.

Amanda Rose

I know this is probably clear because I comment on so many of your posts but I just love your blog. :)

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

aw, thank you amanda!