Monday, April 1, 2013

A-Z // b is for.......

B is for [The] Beatles.

Seriously one of my all time favorite bands. I've loved them since I was little and I think I will forever love them. It's hard not to love them though, when your mom use to sing their songs to you instead of lullabies.  And I love her for that. Every time I hear "All My Lovin'" I have that wonderful memory of her always singing it to me to sleep. It's something I want to keep as a tradition if I ever have children.

Granted, I understand not everyone has the same taste in music, but The Beatles had so many sounds and each album seemed to be a different sound from the last. I love that about any band. I think it shows true talent when you are able to keep from conforming to one specific thing, after all that's what music is to me, experimenting.
What I don't get though, is how people don't respect their music. How can you not respect their originality or amazingness? (Yes I just think I created my own word there).

But when I think about this band and their amazing music all these wonderful memories come rushing to my mind. High school memories, college memories, memories with my best friend, my mom, or just of driving in my car with the sunroof open on a wonderful sunny afternoon.

And of course let's not even talk about my giant crush on Paul,which I talked even more about here.  I get that he could probably be my dad, or granddad, but come one- he's awesome! And after watching a movie special on he and Linda, I loved him even more.
Luckily for Steven though, Paul is currently married......


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Elisabeth said...

Aah, I've been singing on Beatles' "Come together" in the past few days :)