Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2 years & 5 things

So, I'm a little late in posting..... (what else is new?)

This past weekend Dan and I went to Captiva to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. (Sadly Ididn't get to take many pictures, it would start to rain as I tried....) Boo.
To further celebrate, I decided make this post all about him/us. (Please save the gagging for later).
I usually hate being one of those girls... but today I'm saying to hell with it. :)

5 things I love about him/us:

1. His smile. It always makes me smile.

2. His humor. He can make me laugh even when I'm completely pissed off or sad.

3. He's always (or mostly always) willing to help me with computer/tv/etc stuff. I am technologically dumb, but he knows just about everything. He's the cutest nerd EVER.

4. His parents. I love how the 3 of them get along. They are so close and so funny all together. They have one of the most interesting and fun family dynamics I've ever seen and I love being even just the slightest bit apart of it.

5. He's a cuddler. It can't get any better than that. :)

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