Thursday, August 20, 2009

rainy day thursday

My lovelies....

Meet Au'bre. She's a doxie, a sweetheart of a dark, but stubborn as anything.

Meet Coco. I've had her since 3rd grade. I love this dog more than you could imagine. When she dies, I will be completely and utterly heartbroken.

The other day I went to the mailbox and found this:

It is a postcard from my bestie from Ireland.
Funny enough, she got back from her Europe trip the next day. Oh, overseas mail... But I was sooooo happy that when I got it in the mail. It made me smile from ear to ear.

Ok, so FINALLY posting pics of the anniversary trip to Captiva. (For more, check out my flickr!--site link to the right)

Everything about this place was tropical and magical. Including the resturant (above). The food here wasn't that great.....but their key lime pie was!!! (And I don't even like key lime pie).

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