Thursday, August 27, 2009

*fun fun*

A good friend of mine sent me an e-mail with this link.
OHMYGOSH! Safe to say, I fell in love.....(you will too)
So I bought a pair. I may not be eating that much, but my closet will be fully stocked with pretty shoes.
Confession: I ususally don't buy many shoes (especially heels-I'm 5'10) and sometimes I feel bad for buying so much for myself when others have nothing and we are in a economic crisis..... so I feel a little bad about buying these....should I?? They're soooo pretty. And they made my crappy week a little better.

And for the moments of pain I know my heels will soon be having, I know I will need to stock up on more of these pretties:

Currently, I am reading this book.
It's insanely long and it's about one of the "Lost Boys". So far it's pretty good, but completely heart wrenching. Dan's mom let me borrow it, and of course warned me about how tragic it is.
But if you can get through a story of heartbreak- this is an amazingly inspirational one.


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