Monday, August 24, 2009

the last days of summer

Paradise found.....

And it was at the Ritz Carlton in Ft. Lauderdale Beach, FL

Wonderful weekend. Just not long enough, never is.
I needed to be with these wonderful people this weekend!!!

Saturday night we celebrated the 25th anniversary of these wonderful people:

I've known them since I was 10. I love them more than words could express. They are a second set of parents to me and I was SO happy to celebrate birthdays and this anniversary party with them.
I'm unsure on if I'll ever want to get married, but if I find someone that makes me as happy as these 2 make each other, I think my mind will be changed. After so many years, they are still so happy. It helps me keep some faith in relationships, love, and marriage.

Hope you had a great weekend.
And happy first day back to school to those of you that had to go back today!!!!!
<3 kelz

PS lists of 5s hopefully to come later. Still got catching up in other areas first... (like laundry...)

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