Tuesday, July 6, 2010

award time

The lovely pamplemousse has tagged me with this award which totally made me smile. Thank you!!!! :)

Here are the rules:
1. thank the person that awarded you
2. list 7 facts about yourself (which I think works perfect for my "fact tuesday post", dont you?)
3. pass the award on to 15 bloggers
4. contact the 15 bloggers you picked to let them know
7 things about me:
1. i'm very much in love with sleep. i dont ever feel like i've gotten enough and some days i really do try to sleep the day away.
2. i don't tan easily, which kinda stinks for being born and raised a Floridian.
3. at one point in my elementary school days i wanted to grow up to be a basketball player. and now, i hate watching basketball (i blame it mostly on the sound of the sneakers on the floor, it kinda has that nail on chalkboard effect for me)
4. when im sad i cant eat. its not so much that i dont want to, but that i just cannot force myself to eat- i start to feel sick if i do
5. i lovelovelovelovelove coca-cola, but i gave it up almost a month ago. apparently its bad for you... lol i still drink it once in a blue moon and it kinda does sadden me to have given it up, but ive lost some weight because of it and it really did mess up my stomach, so it worked out for the best
6. i dont like cats. i dont have a problem being around them, but i never ever ever want any. ive cat sit a few times and they honestly just freak me out. im always afraid they're going to claw out my eyes or just attack me for no reason. i prefer dogs :)
7. i only have 1 sibling, a half sister. there's about a 12 year age difference between us, but in the past year or so we've gotten a lot closer. before then our age gap was always a slight problem in being close.
now, i pick:
all of you!!!! there are too many of you that i want to hear responses from to pick just 15.
just post a link to your blog post in the comment section so i can see!!!!
love yall! and happy tuesday!


Jamie said...

Good Morning, Beautiful!!!
I feel the same way about cats. They creep me out. I always say that they're just waiting to claw my eyeballs out too. Hope you have a wonderful day!!!! xoxo

Lindsay said...

hey sweetie!!! Congrats on your award!! I dont like cats either, they are so gross to me, stepping in their litter boxes and then all over counters and furniture...ewwww!
not a fan!
Hope you have a great day!!!

Elyse said...

I really really like your blog! And I have to say, the "Lovely Sites" icons are almost as cool. I just like watching them flash and change. My, I'm easily entertained! But, anyway, good job over here in your corner of the blogosphere...looooove it.

marla grace said...

i've awarded you with the blog award!

Holly Knitlightly said...

Ahh, it's almost like you took number 1 right from my mind! Haha. I feel ya...
And I never used to be a cat person (I'm still a dog person for life!) but they're growing on me. Some do freak me out, I think they're just going to jump across the room and attack me. But some can be really sweet! Haha. Their claws still scare me though...