Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

I started thinking about all the things on my "bucket list" that I have yet to accomplish today and realized that one of my major wishes is to work harder on doing these. Some of these I've wanted to do since middle school, I just haven't.
So here's my HUGE life to do list:

-go dirt biking
- have lunch on the green
-photo shoot at UNF library
- canoe on campus
-go to a Goo Goo Dolls concert
-meet one of our Presidents
-fly like in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
-put a message in a bottle
-get a makeover
-protest something
-have the best/most diverse music collection
-learn a foreign language
-write a devotion/sermon
-memorize/play a song on the piano
-scuba dive
-surf (maybe)
-see a Broadway play
-experience a sunset
-see a kangaroo
-see a koala
-ride a jet ski
-learn different dances
-go on a road trip
-give an important speech
-help build a house
-write a book
- get married
-have a family
-swim with the dolphins
-learn about other religions
-learn about other cultures and countries
-throw a fancy dinner party
-read every Mary Higgins Clark book
-read every Agatha Christy book
-speak in tongues
-bring someone to Christ
-learn how to grill-go windsurfing
-go sailing
-ride horseback on the beach
-learn how to drive a stick shift
-dance on a table
-adopt a kid
-be a teacher
-sponsor a kid
- race a car
-get acupuncture
-see every Alfred Hitchcock movie
-learn to skateboard
-graduate college
-be an intern for a magazine
-sing at a karaoke bar
-go to the love parade
-be a donor
-crowd surf
-see a panda
-dance on the side of the road
-get passionate about a cause and spend time helping it instead of just thinking about it
-drive the autobahn
-kiss the blarney stone
-have a good passionate kiss in the rain (like in Breakfast at Tiffanys)
-ride on an elephant
- go on a safari
-ride a camel to the Pyramids, Egypt
-go off roading
-dance in the pouring rain
-be able to make a guy go weak in the knees with just a look or a kiss
-pull an all nighter and see the sunrise
-go to/have a bonfire
-make my own list of what I think are the 100 most memorable movie quotes
-make out in an elevator
-learn how to fix a car tire

Anyone game to do some of these with me??? :)
What are yours??? Do share.

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Katie V. said...

I LOVE this post! It is so fun to see some of your dreams :) It is cool to see how similar we are in some ways and how different in others. I can't wait to see some posts about how you feel when you've accomplished some of them :)

Glass*Plant said...

This is a great list! I keep a little running list in my sketchbook. When I get to do something, I cross it off then write the date next to it.

Rubyfreckles said...

The title of your entry "Wednesday Wishes" reminds me of emails my BFF and I were exchanging for quite some time, called "Tuesday Truths" where we just spilled the beans on everything we thought or felt :)

Amanda said...

This is a great post! I saw one of your wishes was to send a message in a bottle, and wanted to let you know that just a couple of days ago at Michael's they sell bottles with the paper scrolls already in them to write your message on. I didn't see the price, but they came in a set of 6. Just wanted to let you know, so hopefully you can mark that off your wish list, and chalk it up as another dream coming true. ;)