Friday, July 23, 2010

slavery still exists in the USA

Fact: Slavery does still exist in the United States, in fact it still is occuring in Florida.
Fact: We (meaning YOU and I) can do something about it.

A while back I wrote a post about a conference I went to in St. Pete called A Sustainable Faith (found here). I mentioned a lot of things that really struck a chord for me, including hearing about workers from Immokalee, Florida, who pick the tomatoes we buy and eat.... I ran across this site again this week and realized how mad I still am about the whole situation and how mad at myself I am for not trying to do more myself about it.

A bit about he situation in Immokalee:
-tomato pickers are paid 45 cents for each bucket they fill with tomatoes. (in 1980 it was 40 cents)
-one bucket alone weighs 32 pounds
-they are forced to work 10-12 hours everyday in the hot FL sun
-some have their shoes taken from them every night before they go to bed, so that they can't escape

Are you ready to do something yet? Because you can help, if you choose to.
The main website link
The link about slavery in Immokalee
The link to take action

What will you do??



Hearthandmade said...

ive shared this on fb and im about to twitter... im glad you shared, its very interesting xo

Sal said...

oh my goodness. i didn't know about this. it's very sad. thanks for sharing xo