Thursday, July 15, 2010

day 10 of 30 days of truth

Day 10 →? Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know

I feel like most of my answers have been somewhat guarded for multiple reasons. First off, I'm worried about hurting someones feelings. I don't want to or like to call people out, especially on the internet, so I kind of beat around the bush and answer the question by pointing the finger back at myself. I think sometimes this approach is okay, because typically we should be looking at ourselves first before we put the blame on anyone else. However, there are some questions that I want to be honest about (even if it's a bit brutal).... I just have this huge fear of hurting someone. Even if that person despises me already, I can't bear the thought of hurting them back.
Truth be told though, for the most part I do feel like I've lost the "toxic" people in my life. Life is too short to be around people that only make you feel like crap about yourself.

*the rest of this has been deleted due to personal reasons*


alovelylittleworld said...

This whole 30 days of truth thing has been somewhat challenging, like actually thinking about what the answer to the questions REALLY is.
I enjoy reading your answers too. They offer perspective, on like, unhealthy attitudes I have, or maybe confirm things I think, but am not sure I should. For example, life is too short to be surrounded by people who make you feel like crap.

Ella said...

I'm the same way with not wanting to hurt people's feelings, especially on the internet. I think that without actually pointing fingers you get your message out there beautifully.

Also, I think it is awesome that you have the courage to move forward without these people holding you back anymore. Letting go of a one-sided friendship is so tough sometimes, I've struggled with that many a time.

Missy said...

I agree with not wanting to hurt other peoples feelings. I hate it when I do that to someone, even if they have treated me badly.

And letting go of those friendships is sometimes needed. Its a bummer when you are the only one investing time in a friendship.