Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

Yup, another week and another list of wishing. :)

1. for me to ace this science class
so this is my last college class i will ever take....and i want to not just pass it, but kick its ass. only 2 weeks left! ekkk

2. a hug
not that its been a bad day, totally hasn't, but i'm just in one of those moods where i just want a hug from a loved one just cuz. anyone ever feel that way?

3. blackboards or blackboard paint all over my house

4. to live in the present.
i think i spend too much of my time worrying about the future (especially lately). i need to work on just living in the now.

Now, go check out Courtney's, Katie's, Liz's, and Karlie's wishlists. :)

What's on your wishlist this week?


Anonymous said...

*Hug* i'm with you on that one

Lindsay said...

sending lots of hugs your way my sweets!!! love ya!

Anything but Bland said...

Hello :) I found your site on miss carrie's (the appleseed) blog!

I'd very much like to be friends :)

i love your "be sure to wear flowers in your hair" post!! :)

love, the littlest polly

brittni said...


are you a science major in education too!??! I am.. good luck in the class. you can do it!

Cheray said...

Hugs to you love!
and I agree on worrying about the future! I'm missing everything that's right in front of me!
Have a great week xxx

Tiffany said...

I totally feel that way about hugs all the time! I'd hug you if I were in florida! :)
Have a great day!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

thanks everyone!