Thursday, July 1, 2010

inspiration thursday (with Leigh from leighs radical journey)

This week I FINALLY got my best friend in the entire world to let me interview her for this feature. I'm estatic. She is by far one of the best people I've ever met and I'm so happy she's letting me share a bit about her on here. :) She is an amazing person whom I am lucky to have roomed with throughout college. She's the one person in the world that gets me when no one else does. She's the sweetest and most loyal person you'll ever know. So check out her answers and then go check out her blog :) In fact, she just started up a new blog!!!
(and yes, she's the one I talked about earlier this week, wishing her a happy birthday)!!

And thanks leigh for letting me feature you. love you!!!

Your name: Leigh Finnegan
Where can we find you?
Tell us a little bit about you!
I was born in Boston (where my dad is from) but my family moved to south Florida when I was 2. Went to Montessori school from kindergarten thru 8th grade which means I had "line time" until I was 13. I played soccer for 12 years, so I may be the only person in America who thoroughly enjoys women's soccer , or soccer, or women's sports in general....
Also, Kellie is my best friend!!!!!!!!!

Favorite craft or hobby?
My favorite hobby is writing. What I don't understand is how I can love writing and poetry, but can't bring myself to write in a journal to save my life. One of my favorite types of writing is writing comedy skits. I sometimes wish I had tried to write for SNL.

What's next for you?
In August I'm moving to England for a year. I wanted to live abroad for a while before I go into seminary, so I'm going to do service work and live in flat with 5-6 other people. I pray everyday the bathroom is larger than it probably will be...

5 things that make you happy!
Friends, God, movies, my dog Buster and the beach!

Where do you find inspiration?
My style icon would have to be Sienna Miller. She is able to mix vintage and modern looks in both a surprising and beautiful way. hmm.. i suppose i have crush on everything about Jennifer aniston, so definitely Jen! Team aniston all the way!

How do you get and stay motivated??
I suppose I'm motivated by things my friends accomplish. If they can do something, maybe I can too! I also love this pastor from Grand Rapids Michigan named Rob Bell. I listen to his sermons every week and they really inspire me to take hold of everything I was created to be!

Where's one place you would LOVE to travel to if you could?
I would travel to South Africa! I hear it's beautiful

Give us 1 random or funny or interesting fact/tidbit about YOU!!!
I have a singular freckle on almost every appendage! One in my ear, one on the bottom of my foot, one on wrist, one on my stomach and one on my back! It's so weird! Why only one? I feel like a human constellation made out of freckle stars.
thanks for reading loves!!!!
email me if you want to be featured here!! :)


Ella said...

Love the interview.

I went to check out her blog but it was a bad link.. I don't know if anyone else is having this issue, but I thought I'd at least let you know.

I'm thinking about doing interviews on mine, but I can't think of any questions.

becca. said...

I had the same problem. The text for her blog is right, but the link is wrong. Just copy and paste the link instead of clicking on it.

becca. said...

ps. I love this feature :)

Kristie said...

Very cool interview! I tried to check out her blog, but the link failed.

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

sooo sorry. i fixed it though, so it should link you there now.
lol im such a goof today. thanks for letting me know about the error though!!!!

Courtney said...

Oooh Awesome! I love learning about your friends! I love this post.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

What a great feature, love this interview.

Leigh said...

thanks kel!! i had fun doing the interview, your the best! i guess i will have to update my blog if people are gonna read it.... keep checking it out, new stuff soon!

Leigh said...
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Anonymous said...
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