Monday, May 21, 2012


We're a very ambitious couple.
For real.
We spent Saturday night dancing the night away (in Steven and Kellie fashion....which others might deem "embarrassing", but we see as fun/entertaining). Hey- we even got our picture taken (see above).
Sunday we made a "fort of sorts" in the living room and watched tv all day on an air mattress. That was also the day we decided we should start rating movies. The new Rogers and Ebert if you will. Only our rating system will be called "stellie points". (Which is also the name of our restaurant rating system...see below).
Again, we are very ambitious.
Steven agreed to help and this past weekend he sweetly offered to take me to a new place. We chose Big Dawgs (which is the 2nd new restaurant on my goal list so far). Then he had a brilliant idea to rate the new restaurants so we'd know if we ever wanted to go back.
So the "Stellie" point system began.
(By the way, Big Dawgs (in case you were wondering) got a 5.2 combined score from us).

Other than making crazy/awesome career choices this weekend, we also got to hang out with Steven's sister and boyfriend, who were here for a day or two. I'm pretty sure this weekend would count as one of the best in a long time. And I needed it. We caught up, ate and drank too much, danced, ordered late night food, watched tons of tv and movies and just had an amazing time.



Carrie Rosalind said...

You two are so cute!! Love the idea to try new restaurants - have fun with that!

Amanda Rose said...

This is adorable! I'm glad you and your man had such a successful time!

Amanda Rose

Chelsea Partridge said...

I love you two! You are the cutest couple ever!