Sunday, August 12, 2007

August 10th = strangest day

Ok, so I do apologize for the weird random previous post. Before I explain though, I need to backtrack a little to explain exactly why Friday was so strange.
Started out with me going to Starbucks (like every other Friday) and ordering a Dulce de Leche for me and my Mom. It's my favorite drink there!!! But no-- they are out of it and they don't think that they will get any more in stock. I let it go biggie.
Then lunch. Or rather, right before lunch I got off the elevator and literally fell forward. Why? My shoe broke and I was left to hobble back into our office like this. I tried to fix it, but couldn't, so my Mom decided instead of coming to lunch with my friends and I, she would go back to my place and get me more shoes to wear. (This is why I love my Mom). So we are driving to meet my friends so she can drop me off and we get stopped by 2 trains that take FOREVER to pass by. By this point half of my lunch is over and I am wearing shoes that a co-worker lent me that are too tight and 2 sizes to small so I looked like a complete dork (but still had shoes). This whole thing didn't really bother me though. I just laughed it off.
Now here's the clincher. I get home at 5:30, go inside hang out with Leigh, play music and dance to it (cause I'm cool like that). 7:30 we walk outside to go to dance classes and as we walk to my car, we see News vans, a news helicopter, police swarming everywhere, police tape and people just standing around talking. I walked up to a group of guys and asked them what was going on...their response? "That's what we were trying to figure out." Which was odd, because they were clearly NOT from our neighborhood, so one would think they would know what brought them into Sail Cove. So Leigh and I go to dance classes (which I will get into more later) come home and the police are still there and questioning people. We freak out, and ask a neighbor what happened. Here's the dirt: 2 buildings away from ours there was an apparent home invasion. To make things worse, the 2 guys that broke in started shooting, leaving one man dead and then ran. There are no suspects, no witnesses, just 2 armed robbers/murders on the loose. Needless to say Leigh and I freaked out. So we decided to pack our bags and go to my Mom's. There's still no more new information.
On a happier note, dance classes were extremely fun. We learned the Salsa. The place is run by a bunch of Christians and they actually play Christian music and pray before dancing. The instructor was rude, but the other dancers were nice and I haven't had so much fun since I don't know when.
Saturday we tried to robber proof our place as much as possible and then followed it up with a PJ party at a friends house. Again, quite fun (and I have pictures to prove it).
Then today had breakfast with friends, and had an interesting lunch followed by watching Fight Club. Which I am actually still trying to figure out if I liked or not... It was insane, but cool. Sorry for lack of words.
Now I am a little depressed because it's Sunday, which means work tomorrow, but hey at least I had an awesome (and odd) weekend.

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this is my sundown said...

scary stuff. but looks like you had fun in the end so that's good!