Friday, August 3, 2007

Carly Simon should write a song about me

There is a definite line between love and hate. I don’t know what it is but it seems as if everything that I honestly love now I once hated with a passion. Perhaps it is that my taste in things have changed, or maybe it’s something else. Maybe it’s because the things that you really grow to love in life you don’t always love right away. Those things seems to be fleeting. But the things you love forever and more deeply as time goes on are things that take awhile to develop. Not to quote a horribly cheesy movie (although it does make a point) but maybe love does come softly.
I know this sounds odd, or as if something extraordinary in my love life has occurred, I am actually talking about my questionable love for Marie Antoinette, the movie. I know this sounds shallow, but whatever I have my moments. In fact to prove my strangeness, I am currently listening to the soundtrack, which I bought while running errands for work. I’m debating on whether I should take it back to Blockbuster or not……. Any suggestions. lol

Other than that... new things in my life:
- I created a Last Will, Living Will and other Advance Directives today at work. We signed the papers and everything... I feel old now.
- I bought so many things that I shouldn't have. Including: a dress for the wedding tomorrow (but a few alterations need to be made) but I love it. The only thing is that now I need shoes to go with it... isn't that always how it s for us girls. First the dress, then we need new shoes, then we don't have a purse to go with it, then we need a sweater... and then we are broke. Luckily I only need flip flops and then that's it. Although I did buy a new wallet (bright orange...hmmm) and hang bag (dark brown). And while many may find this odd, I also bought a red flask. My purposes for this aren't what they seem and in fact I'm still wondering what I was thinking..but I believe it has more to do with an inside joke with my Mom than anything.

So there's my being shallow and completely vain .


jessica said...

lol. i love you. red flask, seems appropriate, ican't see you with a silver one somehow. marie antoinette, huh. i dislike kirsten dunst and marie antoinette. the movie started slow, but i enjoyed it.

the things i used to hate most, i now love. things i strangely loved right away usually prove to be bad choices. i am mostly referring to music here. but i guess other things apply, too. i should not follow my instincts. perhaps dwight schrute would be willing to do this for me. can i have your boyfriends number?

carly simon should write a song about you. we should tell her. i'll put this on my to do list.

Bears eat beets.

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

she already did...."You're so vain". lol
funny you should mention a silver flask, the one I wanted my mom to get me was silver... lol she refused tho.
why does dwight schrute sound so familiar?
Bears wat beets, eh?
Oh and yea I kinda like Kirsten Dunst, although after this movie I really do. And I'm indifferent about Marie Antoinette. Although I hated (the first time I watched it) noticing how much they just expect you to know about her life. However upon watching it more, I realize i LOVE the music, I LOVE the costumes, I LOVE the backgrounds and filming, and the plot grew on me too. Plus the guy she hooks up with is kinda cute. LOL