Sunday, August 5, 2007

that's what I call a good night

So, I must say tonight was better than I thought it would be (and there are 3 albums on facebook to prove it, although there would be more if I hadn't of run out of batteries).
- where the wedding was, there was also a gay pride even going on.... a lot more traffic, but I also saw my first real live drag queen. Don't ask why that interested me so much, I don't know. lol
- the wedding was beautiful. But hot, the castle had no AC
- the reception was fun and reminded me of how much i LOVE my friends
- i got a little crazy, but had so much fun. I only wish I had written down quotes, so many funny ones were said!!!
- followed the reception with going to Freebird. got double xed again, but it was fun. And I know realize I misjudged a friend. She's so much of a better friend than I could have ever dreamed of!

-- Plus I wasn't socially awkward as some (including myself) have believed in the past. Meeting new people can be fun. And it helps when wearing a new dress and feeling pretty for once....

Here a few pics to explain the fun and madness of the night!

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