Monday, August 13, 2007

little miss independent

I absolutely, positvely HATE that because I am a girl I am looked down upon. I know that we are the ones prayed on... with the rapes and murders and kidnapping, etc. But honestly, I can take care of myself just as much as any boy....well kind of. There is my pepper spray.
But when there are 4 of us together, and one could kick the crap outta anyone, and the other has pepper spray permantely glued to her side... do we really need a guy to ruin the moment just so that we can merely "feel" protected. In this case I would have to say it is the common case of the guy needing to look like the hero and protect his girl. I can protect myself thank you.


this is my sundown said...

you are already armed with two guns: "Left-hook" and "Right-jab". I'm sorry though. That's annoying.

jessica said...

Snap. I'm scurred!

jessica said...

Are you working next week? I think I'm gonna drive up Monday morning, once we send Jake off to his first day of First Grade :) So, I'd be there around lunch.