Wednesday, August 1, 2007

rainy days

For some reason I love the rain. Of course, when it's raining in the morning I hate it. It's then that it makes me look like a complete disaster and people forget how to drive. But coming home tonight, I liked it. I think I love the noise and how it usually puts me to sleep at night. That and it makes me feel ok to be lazy. If I don't want to go out, I can use the rain as an excuse to stay in and watch movies or read and be anti-social.

When life is good, enjoy it but when life is hard, remember God gives good days and hard days and no one knows what tomorrow will bring. Ecclesiastes (sp) 7:14.

I must say that yesterday was an incredible day (and not spoken positively). It was one of those days where nothing went right from the start. But so far this morning has made up for it. Of course I woke up late (seems to be a common thing these days). But then I got Starbucks. Somehow that makes things so much better.... maybe the caffeine?? Plus I actually like how I look today, I think the artistic side of me came out. Anyway, I guess I'm just providing evidence that the Bible verse previously stated is in fact true.

While I'm looking forward to what this weekend has in store for me, I must say that I'm afraid it won't hold up to my expectations. I know that sounds like a major downer... but I just am in need of some fun and adventure and I suppose that I am worried that this weekend will not be what I thought it was going to be. Why can't I have just one day to be wild and crazy--- say what I want, do what I want and not care about people's reactions or even what the consequences might be?


this is my sundown said...

i'm sorry you had an "incredible day", i recently had one of those. They aren't too much fun. but i'm sure your weekend will be fun, it might even be "hella fun". but it will only be a fun as you let it be. thanks for putting that verse up, i needed to hear it.

lol, you love your starbucks

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

I think my love of starbucks is now more of an addiction... and i have now gotten my mom to be the same way. lol