Sunday, February 21, 2010

200th post & weekend pictures

So this is my 200th post!!! Pretty awesome!

I know that I promised a blog give away detailed post, and it IS coming, so bear with me. I've just had a lot going on, BUT I have gotten the fun surprises together, so I PROMISE that this week I will be posting the blog give away detailed post!! I can't wait. It will be my very first!!!

This weekend was crazy hectic (but great).
I finished a style school project. (see below)

I had an awesome time with my youth kids tonight.... we played several games, including one with fake jedi swords. So much fun, until they ganged up on me...haha

My roomie and I had a party. He made chili and I got some awesome time with friends, like Erica and Brittany!!

I finally took pictures of the valentines garland I made for my youth kids! I wrote bible verses on the hearts!

I decorated with some new items I got from etsy. These vases are from The Vintage Cabin etsy shop.

I also made handouts for my youth kids since we're starting the season on Lent.

and the boy and i went to a wedding. really pretty!! and i got to wear one of my new dresses from The Vintage Cabin!!

(with the beautiful bride)!!!!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. :)
And don't forget to stay tuned this week for my blog give-away post. I'm reallyyyyy excited!!!

Oh and this picture is for all my wonderful blog friends/readers:

really, i do!

<3 kellz


Lindsay said...

awww your dress is so pretty!!! I love all the projects you have done too. The pic with them ganging up on you with the jedi swords made me laugh :)
Hope you have a great week!

Jamie said...

Thank you so much for your sweet blog comment you left me! I love your blog!!! Loove the style school project you did! Those colors are great!!! I need to get busy on my projects. I'm a bad student. ;)
Gorgeous dress!!!! Great post! Love all the pics and fun times!!!
Happy Monday to you!!!

Hannah B. said...

That dress looks like it was made for you! & I *love* the idea of the heart garland!

The Vintage Cabin said...

Hi Kellie,
Great blog and great post! ;)
I will let you know when I post the pics of you looking gorgeous in that dress. It should be up by the weekend. Now I'm off to find the follow button.