Tuesday, February 23, 2010

random fact tuesday (v.7)

Ok.....so I use to think that Tom Selleck was my dad. No joke.

The story
: When I was little, there was a show, Magnum PI with Tom Selleck. My mom totally had the hots for him and since he kinda resembled my dad my mom kinda pulled a little prank..... Whenever the show would come on my mom would tell me that my dad was on tv (referring to Tom of course). :) So I would end up rushing to the tv every time the show came on and scream daddy!!! when I saw Tom Selleck. Suffice to say my dad was not too thrilled about it, although my mom thought it was hysterical! Nowadays I find it pretty funny too and I still call him my dad whenever my mom and I are together watching a Tom Selleck show.

love yall!


Lindsay said...

ahhahaha, too cute!!!! When I was little in bible school the teacher showed me a pic of Jesus and asked me who it was, and I said "Daddy". My dad had long hair, beard and mustache at the time. They still bring that story up all the time.. LOL

Kellie said...

hahaha that's hysterical!

Ann Marie said...

this is so hilarious! my sister had the serious hots for Magnum...my dad told her she was too young for him. ha!