Monday, February 1, 2010

5 loves on monday (v.4)

new week, new loves and inspirations!!!

i'm not gonna lie, this week is already stressful for me and i have so much going on i feel like i have to constantly remind myself to breathe; however, taking time to do my 5 loves on monday posts seems to give me enough downtime and inspiration to keep on going. :)

So 5 things.......

1. Love notes
i remember when my dad moved out and sundays were our hang out days, i would always make sure to leave him "i love you notes" around his apartment. i left them all around his place, the bathroom, under a pillow, in the freezer, and i would leave multiple so that during the week he'd find them and smile. he always left them where he found them to, so by the time he died, (only a year after moving out of our house) he had TONS. everytime i think about that, or how he always kept one on him, i cry a little. who knew that such little silly notes could make someone that truly happy???
(so here's a challenge for my readers, try and leave at least one random love note to someone (at least give it a try). write it for a friend, a parent, a significant other, or even just leave one in a random spot for a stranger..... you'd be suprised what that little bit of love will do).


yes, I'm sure i've already posted about shoes and my sad, sad obession with them. however; as some may know, i signed up at awhile back. their deal seemed awesome, but since i joined i've only bought 1 pair from them :( bummer.

this show above however is one of my february options.... and i'm contemplating it. i tend to not wear heels (since i'm already 5'10 and taller than like everyone i know. but i was hoping that yall could comment and let me know what you think about them. should i get them?? or hold out for another pair????
(i should mention i have store credit that will allow me one pair of shoes-- and its burning a whole in my pocket)

3. vintage dresses.

ok, yes another obession of mine as of late. but i had to buy this one!!!
the etsy store i found it on is auh-mazing. check it out here.

4. cupcakes/ice cream

this picture makes my mouth water :)
found here.

5. buttons!

love love love!!!


Lindsay said...

ok first, leaving a love note is an amazing idea!!!! I will be doing this!!!
second, those shoes are amazing, I say go for it! If I could wear heels I would snag them right up!!
third, buttons are my most favorite.. I LOVE BUTTONS!!
Hope you have an awesome week :)

Stefany said...

The love note idea is so sweet. How does the Shoe Dazzle thing work? The boots are very you. I think you should wear the heels if you feel confident in them, forget that everyone else may be shorter than you.