Friday, February 26, 2010

pretty spaces

I really, really want to decorate my patio. I have for awhile, but I either don't have the time, money, energy or all of the above. I'm sick of making excuses though. I want a pretty patio where I can sit when it gets warmer and read or craft or just sip coffee and relax.

These pictures from are my inspirations to do something beautiful (hope they inspire you as well). :)

Happy Friday loves!!!
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

a new blog

No, no I am not deleting this one. However, for my job as a youth pastor I decided to create a new blog for them and any other bloggers that want to contribute and follow!! If you are interested in keeping up with it and our church youth, please do!!! (There's not much on it yet, but there will be-- I'm excited!!!)

Here it is: the bloggity blog.

<3 kellz

guilty pleasure Wednesday (v.7)......maybe not?

So I know I'm a total slacker and didn't do my guilty pleasure Wednesday post yesterday. The honest truth of it is that I'm not really liking that weekly installment like I thought I would. So......I was hoping for your help. Yup that's right, yours! I wanna know....instead of making Wednesdays about my guilty pleasures, what would you maybe like it to be about instead??? I too have some ideas, but since my followers list has grown, I'm really interested in your opinions. So please share!!! :)

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<3 kel

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hiiii blogger friends!!!
I'm finally doing my first blog-giveaway!!! Here are the details. :)

The goodies!!!!:

list of goodies:
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-enter 1 time by making a comment in the comment section below, listing your name and your
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Comments must be placed in this post alone to enter to win!
So there ya go! You can add your name to the "pot" 3 times! I'll tally it all up, pull a name from the "pot" and announce the winner that day.

Deadline to enter:

Monday, March 1, 2010 @ 6PM!!!
I'll announce the winner that night or Tuesday morning! :)

I'm super excited about this!!! Hope you are too. :)

Here's one more look at what the lucky winner will receive!


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random fact tuesday (v.7) I use to think that Tom Selleck was my dad. No joke.

The story
: When I was little, there was a show, Magnum PI with Tom Selleck. My mom totally had the hots for him and since he kinda resembled my dad my mom kinda pulled a little prank..... Whenever the show would come on my mom would tell me that my dad was on tv (referring to Tom of course). :) So I would end up rushing to the tv every time the show came on and scream daddy!!! when I saw Tom Selleck. Suffice to say my dad was not too thrilled about it, although my mom thought it was hysterical! Nowadays I find it pretty funny too and I still call him my dad whenever my mom and I are together watching a Tom Selleck show.

love yall!

feeling stressed

I’m at my wit’s end. I’m so overwhelmed and frustrated and I just don’t know how much more I can take before I explode....

I can't take
one more phone call
one more rude client
one more rude "friend"
one more underhanded comment
one more person talking to me like a child
one more complaint about "having" to watch my favorite show with me
one more person making me feel like I don't matter or belong

I need
some peace and quiet
some time at home, alone
some nice comments and smiles
some hugs (or just 1 good one!)
some tv time (with no one complaining about it!)
some time with my good friends
some more sleep

I’m hoping the gym helps this mood. I think it's stress plus a million people taking their aggression out on my lately. Granted, I don't always make the best choices and I can say some really stupid, repetitve things, but does that really warrant me being your punching bag?
I want to be back here:
like right now.
ps my apologies for this coming off as being "emo". I will update later with a happier more upbeat post, I promise. In might be about my blog-giveaway!

Monday, February 22, 2010

5 loves on monday (v.7)

Hello blogland!!!!

i hope your week is off to a fabulous start! if not, maybe this list of 5 gorgeous things will help cheer you up and inspire you (they did me!!) so here are 5 things im reallyyyyyy loving right now!!!

1. black nail polish

images from

2. VWs!!! (i drive a jetta--not pictured here tho)

all vw pics found at

2. style school!!!!

i'm soooo sad that it's over. it was an amazing 6 weeks of beautiful and inspiring crafts, blogs, and conversation! :) i loved, loved, loved it!

3. yarn!!!

photo cred

photo cred

photo cred

4. india arie and this music video.

everytime i start to think less of myself or just am really down, this song picks me right back up and reminds me to love myself!

5. this home decal (their decals for laptops are auh-mazing too!)

found here.

happy monday loves!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

200th post & weekend pictures

So this is my 200th post!!! Pretty awesome!

I know that I promised a blog give away detailed post, and it IS coming, so bear with me. I've just had a lot going on, BUT I have gotten the fun surprises together, so I PROMISE that this week I will be posting the blog give away detailed post!! I can't wait. It will be my very first!!!

This weekend was crazy hectic (but great).
I finished a style school project. (see below)

I had an awesome time with my youth kids tonight.... we played several games, including one with fake jedi swords. So much fun, until they ganged up on me...haha

My roomie and I had a party. He made chili and I got some awesome time with friends, like Erica and Brittany!!

I finally took pictures of the valentines garland I made for my youth kids! I wrote bible verses on the hearts!

I decorated with some new items I got from etsy. These vases are from The Vintage Cabin etsy shop.

I also made handouts for my youth kids since we're starting the season on Lent.

and the boy and i went to a wedding. really pretty!! and i got to wear one of my new dresses from The Vintage Cabin!!

(with the beautiful bride)!!!!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. :)
And don't forget to stay tuned this week for my blog give-away post. I'm reallyyyyy excited!!!

Oh and this picture is for all my wonderful blog friends/readers:

really, i do!

<3 kellz

Thursday, February 18, 2010

silly me

I feel so silly for doubting us....

I have to admit I had a bit of a rough morning, mostly dealing with some jealousy; however, in the end and after talking to *the boy* I realized something important. We have something wonderful, something awesome, something I wouldn't trade in-ever. In the midst of envying some events and situations in other relationships, he reminded me of what a great thing we have going. He loves me and I love him, what more do I really need??? :)

Sorry if this is too mushy for some, but I just had to type it, to save it, to remind myself (and him if he's reading) that while the grass may look greener, what *the boy* and I have going can't compare!! Not at all. And that makes me happy. He makes me happy!!!!

<3 kel

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

guilty pleasure wednesday (v.6)

**fashion edition**

i have a slight purse obsession.....

(my friend made this for me a few years back!!) :) see above.

fashions change, but purses, they always go with everything.
by the way, this isn't my entire purse collection.

What's your fashion obsession?? Anybody else in love with purses as much as I am?!?!?

<3 kellzzz