Sunday, April 21, 2013

a very full weekend

This weekend is almost over sadly. But it was a good (and full one). I spent it catching up with family, sleeping in, dinners out, breakfast at our favorite spot, working, reading, a bridal shower for a very wonderful friend, a book club dinner (my first time meeting the group too), almost camping, and spending quality time with Steven and Chloe. I'm not really ready for Monday to come though..... I still have so much to do. I hate that feeling!!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

playlist// volume 1

playlist 1 by Kellie on Grooveshark

I decided to start a new feature here. So every once and awhile (because saying once every week is too much to commit to) I'll post some music that I'm currently loving.
So please, please, please, if you have any recommendations (because I love listening to new tunes) leave them in the comments!!!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

FCAT--one more day!!!

And this video seriously has made my week!!!

blog lovin'

Why  yes I am on blog lovin'.
If you've never visited me there, come on by.
You can find me here:
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

link love

I absolutely love this etsy shop!!

This photographer is amazing AND she does work in Jacksonville. I especially love this styled photoshoot! 

Quote coloring pages (and kid friendly!!) I'm already working on one myself, hehe

Love, love, love this song!! I can't stop listening to it!

10 awesome nightstands. I'm pretty inspired now....

Amazing ideas.

Absolutely gorgeous places. They don't even look real.

I think I'm in love with all of these rings.
And they have some really cute sale items right now too!

This is just hysterical!! And I can totally see one of my students saying the same thing LOL

Stripes + florals...I'm really loving this look. Now I just need some florals!

11 things to do with empty wine bottles- I need to start collecting again!!

 I'm not entirely sure how accurate this is, but these photos of celebrities will make you think of some of them in a completely different light.

Tons of random facts- awesome for trivia nights.

Monday, April 15, 2013

book it

The past couple of months I've been absolutely obsessed with reading. In fact, I spent just about all of my spring break trying to finish Gone With the Wind because it was just that amazing. (And I succeeded). 

I honestly loved Gone With the Wind. I wasn't sure I would. I'd seen the movie a million times over, but I was never a huge fan (I think I was too young to appreciate it). But when my friend Kelly told me that's what her book club (that I just joined) was reading- I hopped on the train. I am so glad I did. I feel like I learned so much about southern heritage and how much it changed due to the war and Reconstruction. Women use to be so dainty and less independent, which is good and bad in my opinion. There is also southern hospitality and the slow paced way of life. Of course besides teaching me, it also angered me. Scarlett is a bitch (no surprise there) and the Civil War was based on such a horrible issue -slavery.
It's a long book, but I really recommend it, it's such a good story and it's not your typical type of story either. Plus, it's a classic and something everyone (especially southerners) should read at least once.

 Gray Matter was written by a doctor that I first heard of from my mom. He's from California, but flew into Jacksonville just to talk at our friend's church. Listening to him speak about his story was amazing. I feel like I learned so much from him and his walk with God. And Dr. Levy is such an amazing man- completely humble (which wasn't always the case) and has such a love for Christ. When meeting him, he even took the time to pray for Steven with me (since he's a neurosurgeon and Steven has been having what we think is neurological issues). His book is about introducing praying with patients and coworkers into his practice and it's very encouraging. If you have the time, I really suggest reading it!

The Night Circus sounded extremely weird- not going to lie. But my sister told me it was really good and she let me borrow it. Once I started, I was completely hooked. It's so different from anything I've ever read and is so impressively creative. There's mystery, romance, intrigue, and so many other aspects that make it original and captivating. There's really no other way to describe this book without giving it all away- so just take my word for it and try it!

Currently I'm reading Northanger Abby by Jane Austen. Can't wait- it's the only one of hers that I have yet to read. 

What have you been reading lately???


Sunday, April 14, 2013

link love (awesome teaching links)

Skittles plus fractions plus free printables equals an awesome math center.

A great science anchor chart plus activity for the students on plants.

The absolute best place to find just about any and every activity for any subject/grade/lesson. It's all teacher made and a lot of things I've found are even free!!!

I'm absolutely in love with this math notebook. I really want to be this organized next year. Plus it's a lot more than just students making notes- love it!!!

I've been looking for a fun fraction center/game and I can't wait to try this one with my students this week!!!

Great examples of turning non-educational games into educational ones. In the beginning of the year I made a jenga game with science questions on it, but since then I've moved from 5th grade science to 3rd grade this gave me a great way to make it more subject and grade appropriate.

This woman has activities for any math area for 3rd- 6th grades. I've used a lot of her work with my students and they loved it!

Some really great math anchor charts. I've used the quadrilateral and rounding ones and they've really helped further my students learning.

I LOVE this art piece. I want it for my classroom so badly!

Places to get teacher discounts (J. Crew??? Auh-mazing!!)

Felt fractions. I need to make some for next year!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A-Z // d is for....

D is for.... dating

Like most other things in my life, I was a late bloomer in dating. Shocking I'm sure (especially if you know me, hehe)!  My dating life also has an embarrassing past (although that pretty much sums up all teenage years for anyone I guess).  However I've learned a lot from my mistakes, blunders, and what the hell was I thinking moments.

My first crush was in the 5th grade. The day he found out I was so embarrassed I wanted to cry. Looking back on it, I'm sure it was one of my girl friends that shared the delightful news with him, but at the time I was completely bewildered on how he knew. To make things worse, I was so shy that once he found out I couldn't even look at him. (It didn't help that we were in the same class either).

Later on in 8th grade I had another crush- this time when he found out though I had the sense not to freak out and go running the other way. No this time my match-maker friend decided to interfere and pushed us into talking to each other. And I mean she literally pushed me into him to talk to him. At the time I was proud of myself, I didn't freak out and run away, but I didn't exactly make great conversation. This was the first time I actually talked to a guy I liked and I thought liked me back. The lame conversation continued and a few weeks later on our 8th grade field trip to Adventure Landing theme park, he hooked up with a good friend of mine. I definitely found my voice after that.

Then, in 9th grade, my freshman yer of high school I got a new crush- who also happened to be a senior. The same match maker friend again convinced me to do something and afraid of repeating the previous years mistakes, I actually made a move. Of course, I should've thought "the move" through a little more. Without having ever of talked to this boy, I walked right up to him while we all switched classes and gave him my number and mumbled something along the lines of "just in case". Lame, I know. I still blush thinking of that painful moment. Turns out, he also had a girlfriend (yea- definitely didn't think this through). For the next couple of months I got a lot of weird stares from the seniors of our school, especially his girlfriend.

My first boyfriend was my junior year in high school and lasted a whole 2 months. The best part of the relationship was probably that he broke up with me the day after my birthday.

Mt first love was the next year. It was a great relationship and I still think back fondly on those times. He was (and is) one of the best guys I've ever known. I learned a lot from that relationship and especially from him.

From that point until this time I've dated a few other guys and I've learned even more lessons. Some were hard to learn, but I learned them nonetheless. And I'm so grateful that I did, because it's brought me to where I am now in life and love. I've made tons of embarrassing mistakes with Steven as well, but luckily it's nothing as bad as my earlier moments. And I'm also lucky that he is just entertained by them and doesn't hold them against me. I'm a very lucky girl.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A-Z // c is for....

C is

And if you know me well, please hold your laughter until you read my explanation.

I've never really been fond of cooking. Baking-yes, but cooking not so much. I'm not entirely sure of why I dislike this activity so much (especially since I love food).
I could use the old excuse "that's not how I was raised", which is somewhat true. My mom, llike most moms these days was a working mom. She also provided for our family, but that usually consisted of quickly made meals after long days at the office. When I got older (and these are the memories I can most remember) my mom was a single mom. She worked lots of hours to make sure she could provide for us, so when she came home the last thing she wanted to do was make a large meal (especially for only two). I wish I could say I was a good daughter and tried to help out with the cooking, but I didn't. I just was use to and was okay with quickly made meals or fast food. Then of course as I got older and stayed out with friends, fast food because a staple. (Gross I know). 
Then there were the college years. I moved out on my own, one year in the dorm and the rest in an apartment. I wasso  preoccupied with school, work, friends, and boys that I barely made time for food, let alone to cook it.
So here I am, a few years out of college and I still haven't gotten that "cooking bug". Sometimes I chalk it up to not being used to it and other times I blame it on lack of interest. Whatever the reason, it still doesn't exactly explain why the pinterest board of mine with the most pins is the food one. Although if you look at the pins, I guess you can tell most are desserts and sweets. Go figure right?

So I guess this post would be more appropriately titled of " c is for....[lack of] cooking". 
You might be curious why I would write an entire post on something I don't really like doing, but the truth of it is it explains more about me. Whether good or not, it's a fact about me that I'm slowly trying to change. I don't like cooking, but I like food. However, I still try to cook more because I owe it to Steven and to our budget. Cooking at home definitely saves money and at times it is even healthier. I also realized that if I wanted to one day be a good wife, I should learn how to cook and learn how to enjoy it. I want to be that kind of wife one day, so why not start training myself now?

Maybe one day I won't despise it as much.
(One can hope).
And if you know of any awesome food blogs that might help me change my mind, please share!!!!!


Monday, April 8, 2013

bridal shower planning

 This past weekend seems kind of like a blur- it went by way to fast. 

Friday was teacher planning day. It was a slow day without the kidos, but I got a lot done. Then I had dinner with my lovely sister. 

Saturday my friend (and partner at work) and I ordered tickets to the Justin Timerblake and Jay-Z concert!!! So excited. Only 4 months!!

Sunday Sarah, Jen, Keags, and Dawn and I met up to plan some things for our friend Erica's wedding shower. Things are starting to come together and I'm soooo excited to see the final thing- only 1 month!!

Keagan was busy trying to find cute pinterest ideas and order invites. Luckily he had Sarah to help him type (since you know he's not spelling yet...)

Jen found the party games and gave us a peek.

And I stole Sarah's harmonica and decided to entertain the group while we were hard at work.
Don't you wish you had us to plan your bridal events?? 'Cause you know we are a lot of fun. And we actually did get a lot of things planned and done!!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

link love

So I was stumbling upon this blog that lists over 100 craft and DIY blogs to follow, when I came across this lady's blog and I swooned.  Quick and easy projects that are so cute I can't wait to try!! (Or at least put them on my "to-do" list in hopes of one day achieving them!

I love this subway art piece from this etsy shop!!

I'm also kinda digging this lady's blog layout and design. Plus her blog has some cute DIY ideas too!

An interesting home challenge....40 bags in 40 days.

These abandoned places are absolutely gorgeous!

Seriously good looking food on a stick, including  poptarts!!!

I kind of hope this story is true, because if so, hats off to this judge!!!

I love, love, love this blog and all of her projects (52 weeks worth).

These creative engagement photoshoots are amazing. They make me want to go out on a photoshoot NOW!

I've enjoyed this blog for awhile, but this roundup of pinatas post makes me so much more excited for my birthday (cinco de mayo)!!!

These photos made me laugh hysterically!

Gorgeous celebrity engagement rings. I think Brooke Shields' may be my favorite though.

Put together a puzzle online. Kind of cool.

So there is a word for it!!!! I have this ALL the time!

50 cookie exchange recipes. They all look so amazing!

If you're a teacher, you should really read this article. It's interesting.

Kara's scrapbooking class looks like soooo much fun. Can it be summer already so I can take it??

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

spring break + easter sunday

Spring Break is over as of today. Kinda sad, but I'm also looking forward to getting back into my habits and rituals and I also have missed my students. But it's going to be tough waking up early again!!!

This past weekend I went further south to visit Steven's family for Easter. It was so great getting away and spending time with such great people. We played cornhole. I got some sun! Chloe enjoyed having a backyard. We had an easter egg hunt challenge (and Steven let me win $20). We went to Sunrise Mass. We had breakfast at this hole in the wall diner. We watched tons of basketball. We took family photos on the beach.

Then Sunday we came home and I tried to slowly wrap my mind around going back to school. While I didn't get everything on my to do list done, I was okay with the amount I did. For the most part, it was too chilly to go to the pool or do anything fun outside besides take Chloe to the dog park. Therefore, I spent the majority of my time lying in bed reading while Chlo cuddled with me. I even was able to finish reading Gone With the Wind. Such a good book! I feel like I learned so much about my southern roots and heritage...but that's for another day.
I also spent some much needed time with my mom. And then Monday she brought me over easter baskets for Steven and I. I love that woman. She's always doing something special for me.

And then the other night I caught this:
 How stinking cute right?? 

And of course while trying to prepare myself for back to school, I also spent some time devoted to making paper clocks for my students, since they are learning how to tell time. Of course, after awhile of doing the same thing (about the 21st plate) I got a little loopy and had a FAIL moment. At least I caught it though, haha.

I hope yall had a lovely weekend (and Spring Break if you got one!) 
Ick- now it's down to the FCAT countdown. 2 weeks!!!!


Monday, April 1, 2013

A-Z // b is for.......

B is for [The] Beatles.

Seriously one of my all time favorite bands. I've loved them since I was little and I think I will forever love them. It's hard not to love them though, when your mom use to sing their songs to you instead of lullabies.  And I love her for that. Every time I hear "All My Lovin'" I have that wonderful memory of her always singing it to me to sleep. It's something I want to keep as a tradition if I ever have children.

Granted, I understand not everyone has the same taste in music, but The Beatles had so many sounds and each album seemed to be a different sound from the last. I love that about any band. I think it shows true talent when you are able to keep from conforming to one specific thing, after all that's what music is to me, experimenting.
What I don't get though, is how people don't respect their music. How can you not respect their originality or amazingness? (Yes I just think I created my own word there).

But when I think about this band and their amazing music all these wonderful memories come rushing to my mind. High school memories, college memories, memories with my best friend, my mom, or just of driving in my car with the sunroof open on a wonderful sunny afternoon.

And of course let's not even talk about my giant crush on Paul,which I talked even more about here.  I get that he could probably be my dad, or granddad, but come one- he's awesome! And after watching a movie special on he and Linda, I loved him even more.
Luckily for Steven though, Paul is currently married......


Yo Spring!

I am ready for Spring.
Really ready!!
Especially since this past week was Spring Break for me. Although with the weather bouncing back and forth from cold to kinda warm it hasn't felt like a Florida Spring yet. 

So until the weather decides to cooperate I've been pinteresting spring time photos, which actually I think are just making me crave it more, but oh well. It's eye candy!!