Sunday, December 4, 2011

52 lists in 52 weeks// week 27

It's finally December. (Although I should say...holy crap it's already December???). The last month of the year. The most stressful month of the year. And in my opinion, the most magical time of the year. I feel like December is the time of year when we all start scrambling, and not just because we have to get those presents (which we most likely have waited last minute to get), but because we begin thinking about all that we need to accomplish before 2011 is over.
Today I started going though my list of things I really want to get finished before 2012 greets us. Therefore, I figured, why not make today's list a December to do list?

So this week's list...
December to-do list:
-finish re-applying for school/teaching jobs
-take lots of photos
-do everything on our advent calendar
-start cooking more
-clean the apartment (especially for our guests and upcoming party)
-start making the awesome things from pinterest instead of just pinning about them
-spend more time with my family
-read at least 1 more book
-finish my fall scrapbook
-try and finish my advent/Christmas mini
-send out pen pal group lists (and I think this might be the last batch I do....I'm starting to run out of steam on it, sadly)
-do a blog feature on a lovely friend's blog

So what's on your to-do list for December??

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