Sunday, December 11, 2011

52 lists in 52 weeks// week 28

Week 28 list: Dream gift list
Okay, so Christmas is right around for the corner, which means its time to get shopping. This is something I am not the best at, because every time I try to shop for my loved ones I always end up finding cute stuff for myself (selfish I know). But the good side comes out and I usually just gawk and don't buy. However, I also remember to put those awesome goodies on my "I would like" list that I give to my parents and boyfriend. However, there are just some things that I cannot put on that list, because they are too....extravagant. Or I simply just don't think I could pull it off. So..... I decided to have fun with those items and make a fun list for our week 28.
This week, the idea for our list is to make a list of the dream items you want, but just aren't feasible (at least for now). Just because we can't buy/ask for these things, doesn't mean we have to forget them, right?!?
So here is my list and I can't wait to see everyone else's.

1. these awesome oxfords.
and they are on my list, because 1-i cant seem to find a pair that fits/is exactly what i want and 2- im afraid that this is a look i cant pull i shall just look at pretty photos of them....

found here

2. to one day be at least half as beautiful as a bride as Grace Kelly was.
she is seriously one of my fashion icons and as a bride, she was gorgeous.

3. to travel to a place like this.
if only money werent a problem.

found here

4. to have a dining room like this.

5. to have heels like these.
the only problem is (okay, there are 2)...1-i feel like im already too tall and 2-i have no where to wear them to. wearing them to be with 4 year olds at work wont work and i dont go out anywhere that would suit them.

6. a super cute doggie like this one.
right now i live in an apartment (with a boyfriend that isnt exactly found of dogs) so its kind of out of the question. however, when i buy a house ( day....) i will get a dog. and i cant wait!

found here

(all photos unless noted were found on pinterest)


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*Vivika said...

oh such a sweet dog! I have the same problem, I live in an apartment! And I want a big dog!
Well, about the heels, I agree, too tall and too sparkling to wear everyday.
Santorini... I've been there when I was an akward teen. I want to burn alla those photos!
I hadn't see before Grace Kelly as a bride. Now I have a serious goal!
And just to know, you can wear oxfords with anything you want, i have a pair and they are perfect with dresses and jeans!