Thursday, December 1, 2011

advent day 1

This year I decided to make an advent calendar (that made). Let's face it last year's was a bit last minute and since I couldn't quite decide on the style I wanted to make it, I just went for easy.
But this year I decided to try something different; hence, the pictures below.

I created my little (ok, big) advent calendar by making envelopes out of Christmas scrapbook paper and double-side taping them to a giant frame I had (with the plastic-ish cover still attached). Inside each envelope is an activity or an idea for my boyfriend, roommate, and I to do.

Yea, I'm pretty excited for this December.
And once we take down the envelopes, each envelope will become a part of a Christmas mini book I plan on making. And since I'm going so above and beyond this year, I'm also planning on taking pictures of each activity to add to the mini. (Although I'm not entirely sure how often I'll get around to posting all these advent activities....)

Here's Day 1:
Hang the wreath on front door.
(done by Steven)

What are some advent activities on your list this year????



Courtney said...

That is so beautiful Kelz! I love the huge scale of it all and those envies are amazing. Love it!

Anonymous said...

That is so cute! Such a great idea, maybe i should make on of those :)

Looking forward to seeing more!!!

Marja <3