Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 (year in review)

It's been quite a year. But it's been an overall good one. I only hope that 2012 is even better!
Here are some highlights of my year.

January: I started my internship, which took a lot out of me, and rang in the year 2011 with Steven, friends, and my sister.

February: Steven and I went bowling and watched lots of Lost.

April: Steven and I celebrated St. Pattys Day, went to Key West (my first time), Steven moved in, and I had a kitten for the day.

April: I had my last day of interning (which was bitter sweet), graduated college (finally), lost my dog, Coco, and had a garage/bake sale with some friends.

May: I turned 24, made some goals to achieve before I turn 25, went to NYC with my mom (partly for work and partly for fun), met a blogger pal in real life, and had lots of friend time.

June: Steven and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary, I got to kitty sit and kiddy sit, Steven got a promotion, and we spent a lot of time at the pool.

July: Steven and I had a Harry Potter Weekend of Wizardry marathon and I finally became a huge Potter fan.

August: I finally got a job in the teaching field. I got hired on the spot and I have loved my job ever since that first day. And my mom finally got married.

September: We celebrated my amazing boyfriend's birthday and welcomed Fall (finally).

October: Such a great and fun-filled month. So much happened, including mine and Steven's annual pumpkin picking/carving night, fright night, lots of halloween baking, and one awesome halloween dinner at our friends.

November: My mom, step-dad and I traveled to my hometown (Pensacola) to see friends and spend the holiday weekend. I finally got to see my friends' new baby girl too. It was such a great long weekend. Plus I got to meet more of Steven's family at his mom's wedding!

December: I created a new kind of advent calendar. The boyfriend, roommate and I spent the whole month doing fun Christmas/holiday filled activities. Such as making a gingerbread house, decorating the apartment, listening to lots of music, and throwing an ugly christmas sweater party.

And here's 2010 in review.
Happy New Year!!


Jess said...

Oh I love your Christmas countdown envelopes so cute!
Sounds like you have had a awesome 2011.
Happy new year!

joscelyne cutchens said...

welcome to the wonderful world of Harry Potter :) It is such a lovely place. I highly recommend reading the books if you have the time, or listening to the audio books, it really is a winner!