Thursday, August 12, 2010

inspiration thursday (with Erin from Erin B. Inspired)

This week I am soo happy to be sharing with yall my real life friend, Erin. She's an awesome lady and so much fun to be around. She's incredibly crafty and inspirational and I just know you're going to love her! Don't forget to stop by her blog and etsy and leave her some love!!! And thanks Erin for being a part of this!!! :)

Name: Erin -- aka Erin B. Inspired.

Where can we find you?
Blog -
Twitter -
Etsy -

Favorite craft or hobby.
I've really gotten into paper crafts lately, namely cards. They're pretty easy but yet there is so much you can do with them!

What's next for you?
Well, I start back to school in a few weeks to get my teaching certification. I'm pretty stoked (and I NEVER thought I'd say that about going back to school). I hope to ultimately teach high school literature but I'll probably start in middle school, maybe 8th grade.

5 things that make you happy!
1 - My dogs. It's impossible to be sad when they're around!
2 - Taking photos. I can't say that I'm really good but I love going on mini photoshoots.
3 - Social networking. I know that sounds pretty silly but I love communicating with people and being social. Sometimes I feel like the friends I never met but socialize with on social networking sites are better friends than my real friends!
4 - My boyfriend. J and I have been through a couple of rough patches but when I look at him I can't help by smile. He is so good to me. :)
5 - Finding great pieces at thrift stores, on Craigs List, or otherwise. I've gotten really into vintage and unique pieces. I got my craft desk on Craigs List and painted it Smurf blue. Talk about inspiration!

Where do you find inspiration?
Since I've been into card crafting lately, I browse a lot of card crafting and supply sites for ideas. One of my favorite card crafters is Kristina Werner ( She features videos twice a week of card making tutorials. It's a great place to start to get ideas. Also, Two Peas In A Bucket ( is a great place to go for supplies and ideas.

How do you get and stay motivated?
I stay motivated by doing a little at a time. I often find myself wanting to spend hours upon hours in my craft room making cards but after a while I lose creativity so I step back and pick back up at a later time.

Where's once place you would LOVE to travel if you could?
This answer is always easy for me because I've had a fascination with Italy since my sophomore year of college. I love the language and the culture. I would love to go and browse the museums and architecture.

Random fact about me:
I'm a natural strawberry blond but I've had blond, brunette, red, and purple hair. It's bleach blond right now. I've only had one dye job that I loathed and that was dark brunette with blond highlights. I looked like a skunk!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Awesome. Thanks. :)

Jessica said...

aww, her puppies are so cute!

Holly Knitlightly said...

Such cute dogs! I'm going to check out her blog. :)