Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

My wish list for the week:

1. more time with my bestie.
tomorrow she's leaving Jax and this weekend she'll be Chicago. in 3 weeks she'll move to England for mission work. i'm super excited for her- i think this is going to be an amazing experience for her, but the selfish side of me is really sad. i dont even want to think about her not being around- i honestly get too sad. she and i have been bffs since high school and roomed together throughout college- so leigh, if youre reading this, know i'm so proud of you for doing this- for taking a giant leap and trusting in God. i just know this is going to be an amazing time in your life- and i cant wait to hear all about it. and also, just so you know- im gonna miss you. a lot. times a million.

2. tons of pretty new clothes for a new school year

okay, I don't have school this fall semester, but that doesn't mean i'm not thinking about spring when i start my teaching internship. and these clothes from modcloth are just tooooo cute.

3. new music to inspire me and get me crafting
What's on your wishlist this week?????
Here are Erin's, Courtney's, Katie's, Karlie's, and Liz's :)


Michelle (michabella) said...

Cute teacher clothes!!! So sorry to hear your best friend will be leaving you for awhile, but she will be away in missions which is so awesome! Pray for her everyday :)

Idk if I knew that you lived in Jacksonville! Jacksonville FL?

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

thanks for the sweet words- yea praying for her is the only thing keeping me together right now.
and YES jacksonville, FL!! do you live here too???

Aire said...

Hi Kel,
Thanks for featuring our items on your blog! How smart of you to think ahead! Good luck with the internship!

Aire @ModCloth

Melissa said...

I simply love all your Modcloth picks!

Kathryn said...

holy smokes that first dress is too cute.