Friday, August 13, 2010

weekend plans

Yesterday I....
-tried not fall asleep at work
-had an amazing breakfast, that was cooked at work by one of my co-workers
-took the boy to the airport
-was a little sad to see the boy go
-had a ladies night on the town with my friend Brit
-ate grilled cheese and cheese fries and didn't feel guilty
-got some shocking news from a friend
-caught up with my bestie via phone

Today I....
-finally indulged and got red velvet cupcakes
-am going to dinner to celebrate my step dads birthday
-got all dressed up for dinner
-will have cake!! :)

Tomorrow I must....
-have my car fixed (the jetta's poor power outlets stopped working)
-wake up at a decent time, but still manage to sleep in
-go to the gym
-catch up on crafts (scrapbooking, art journaling, etc.)
-shop for breakfast food for my whole church on Sunday
-shop and prepare for Sunday's youth beach day
-finally take some things to the thrift store and get them outta my garage!
What are you up to this weekend?


Jessica said...

sounds like a fun time! i love red velvet, yummmm!

the most important thing for me this weekend is that i need to tidy my place up! my family is visiting me for a few days.

Carrie said...

sounds like a great weekend!


Maggie said...

Sounds good! I will be cleaning, crafting, and hopefully getting in a bike ride or should be a good weekend!

Krista Eitsert said...

Sounds like you will be busy! I will be crocheting and doing lots of embroidery work!

alovelylittleworld said...

Speaking of falling asleep at work, I use to work at a pickle factory and the movement of the line made me dizzy so I would take gravol every shift.... haha, I use to fall asleep everytime the line broke down and I couldn't figure out why. Oops!

This weekend a friend is having a yard sale in a good location, so I'm gonna haul out my extra jewelry creations and sell it cheap just to get rid of some of it. And interview prep. The interview is Wednesday and then I'm camping. Hurray hurray! I hope you have a lovely weekend :)

Display Name said...

Sounds great!

Melissa said...

Love the shoes! Happy weekend!!

bebe bird beck said...

Sounds lovely!

Love those shoes. <3

brittni said...

love your toms, I have the burlap ones!! :)

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

brittni- burlap ones? no way! thats awesome

all of yalls weekends sound awesome- i hope that they are!!! cant wait to hear about them monday :)

yours truly dear said...

fun :] i'm going to see a movie and eat with friends and my hubby!! then sunday it's church and going to the in-laws for dinner! xoxo

bee. said...

you sound busy (:
this weekend i'm just catching up on blogs & relaxing.

Danielle said...

oh I love your shoes! ...and this list. have fun! <3

Murphy said...

My boyfriend's brother is staying so I will be keeping out of their way to let them have some "guy time" whilst simultaneously providing them with snacks!
Then I have karate tomorrow morning.

carlotta said...

love your TOMS! i've always wanted a pair, but i have yet to getting around to actually buying them...

chelsea rebecca said...

sounds like a good weekend!!!
red velvet cupcakes?! YUM!!!