Monday, August 23, 2010

day 3, 4, & 5 of 30 days of me

Okay, I've been kinda bad at updating this..... :(
This weekend has been pretty crazy though. Tons of friends visiting, the boyfriend and roomie back in town.... so excuse the 3 days in 1 post thing.

day 3- a picture of you and your friends
these girls are seriously the greatest! they are my lifeline here in jax i swear!

day 4- a habit that you wish you didn’t have

i gotta say, i have a bunch of annoying and bad habits that i wish i could make disappear. but since i can only pick one to wish away, i think it would have to do with my anger. i am totally passive agressive way too often and i hate that i'm not just more mellow. i take things to heart and i over react. i hate it. but at least i recognize it so that i can work on it.......

day 5- a picture of somewhere youve been to

the boy and i went to the first homes game for the jags this past weekend. soooo much fun (even if we did have to wait an extra 2 hours and sit in the rain for a long amount of time). totally worth every minute.




Jenn said...
I started mine today!

MissAlyssa said...

im right there with you about taking thinks to heart and over reacting! i hate it!

LivKit said...

Understandable! Too cute pics! I bet it was a lot of fun. and I wear my heart on my sleeve so I get the taking things to heart!

amylou said...

cute pic of you and the boy!
I have that bad habit too! I always overact. This is something I've really been working on lately.

my blog url changed:

Thanks for your sweet comment! I really liking this challenge. :)

Holly Knitlightly said...

Cute photos! Ah, I totally over react too. It's frustrating!