Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

This week I'm a bit sad for Wednesday to be here. I just got home from my trip (awesome yes, but I was away from the bf for awhile) and now he is leaving for a trip. I know it's totally silly and girly, but I honestly love hanging out with him, so I'm really going to be missing him. However, I've also made some extreme goals for myself this week. There are so many things I want to accomplish that I haven't and so this week/weekend is when I'm going to start being harder on myself to get them done. Especially because my two besties come into town next Monday!!!! I want my place looking great by then so we can hang out and relax. It will also be the last time I get to see my bestest friend in the entire world for a year!!! (She's moving to England in a few weeks). Yay for her, but I'm a bit sad of seeing her go. I suck at goodbyes.
Anywho, my list of what I'm hoping, praying and wishing will get done this week:
1. finally take a bunch of stuff collecting dust in my garage to the thrift store
2. clean my bathroom (my least favorite chore, but it's gotta get done!) hmm... maybe I cant wish for a cleaning fairy to take care of all of this for me?? yes?
3. finish decorating my patio (and take before and after photos)
4. photoshoot with my friend sarah
5. catch up on art journaling (cause I may just be the biggest slacker)
6. prepare for Sunday (BIG day- I'm bringing breakfast for church and then I have a youth beach day for my kids planned. ekkk I'm excited about it, but a little overwhelmed with myself signing up for so much in one day!)
Now go check out Liz's, Erin's, Karlie's, Courtney's, and Katie's wishlists. :)
***PS. please keep my youth kids in your prayers- a couple of them are having a really rough time right now and could use all the prayers, kind thoughts, and sweet wishes they can get!


Leigh said...

I'll miss you too kellatron =(

Courtney said...

I love reading people's goal lists!
Keep us posted on your list- I just know that you will get it all completed! Have fun spending time with your BFF!

amylou said...

photoshoots are fun.
Good luck on your goal list!
I will be praying and thinking of your youth kids. That hits close to home.

Karlie said...

Yeah I will post pics of us and his visit soon! We are trying to get in as much stuff as we can together before he leaves. :(

But I would love to join the new round of penpals & am I supposed to put Erin in the list of Wednesday Wishes to check out?