Friday, August 20, 2010

day 2 of 30 days of me

day 2- the meaning behind you blog name:
both my url: get the words out and my blog title: on the brink of something beautiful, are from Mae songs. which use to be one of my absolute favorite bands (and i still love them)!
I actually talked about this in a blog post a while back, which you can find here (along with song lyrics).
What's the story about your blog name/title??


LivKit said...

Well Kellz read here it will tell you! Hope you enjoy! Yours I like, Great band!

amylou said...

I love your blog title!

Here's my answer:

Melissa said...

Mae was seriously the soundtrack to my sophomore year.

~KS said...

I love Mae... I don't think I've ever really "met" anyone else who listens to them. I love that that's where your blog title came from.

I came up with mine on a whim- I was getting ready to go back to school and waiting for classes to start, had just broken up with someone and was waiting for the right person to come along, was waiting for loans, waiting for this or that... and I realized that I was spending too much of my life waiting instead of just living and letting the details work themseleves out. So the idea of my blog was "while we're waiting," here's how I'm living my life.

Love your blog by the way- added you to my blogroll as I should have long ago!

Jennifer said...

I was listening to Mae today, in fact...and I painted "The Everglow" image in your post during an Art class I had back in high school. WIERD! love them :).

Hearthandmade said...

Never heard of this band! I will have to check them out.

My story isn't that interesting to be honest.. I was just doodling hearts one day all over my journal and journalling about my crafts. That's when it was born. I then had to check there weren't any others. Bit ragin that was taken over recently but chugging on and keeping my chin up! Also a bit gutted that indiehandmade renamed themselves to ihearthandmade! But again.. Chin up! I'm content with my style for now. I shall just keep developing! x

Elsa said...

your blog is really pretty :) i like the buttons.
my blog is called all things lovely because i just like to say lovely. not very interesting.. i thought it up on the spot