Thursday, August 26, 2010

inspiration thursday (with Sarah from Contently Consistently Chaotic)

This week I get to share with yall my pal (and another pen pal) Sarah! She's one of the sweetest gals you'll ever meet with the biggest heart. I've loved getting to know her these past few months and I just know you'll love her too. So, don't forget to stop by her blog and give her some love!!! :)

Your name: sarah dawn. i often go by sarahd.

Where can we find you?
contently consistently chaotic.

Tell us a little bit about you:
i just turned twenty seven. which is all to close to thirty for me.
i am from a small cow town in california called tulare.
but i now live in the most amazing city,
in the most beautiful state.
portland, oregon.

i am new to blogging. but i LOVE it.
i am horrible with grammar and punctuation.
i am a major procrastinator.
i love all things pink.
i am a dreamer.
i am honest & loyal to a fault.
my family & friends are my rock.

Favorite craft or hobby?
ive just started painting and i love it!
ive started drawing and journaling more.
i love making skirts! i have fallen in love with scrapbooking!

What's next for you?
i REALLY want to learn to make plushies

Also, I want to learn how to use photoshop cs4 well.
i will make time for BOTH very very soon!

5 things that make you happy!



nephew and nieces

this picture

Where do you find inspiration?
id like to find some more! i find inspiration is MANY things! my problem is just putting that inspiration into use! i find inspiration in art. other folks blogs. weheartit. friends. my momma! i like to pay attention to the small things!

How do you get and stay motivated?
i seem to stay motivated by what i want. if i want something BAD enough, i can usually make it happen. i just keep remembering what i want in my mind. and not stopping until whatever project is done. my family & friends do a good job at keeping me motivated. i love them!

If stranded on an island and you can bring one person and one thing with you, what would it be??
first of all can i please go here.

I would take my friend kris

He frustrates me sometimes - okay, a lot, buuuut he is like family. He would be able to make me laugh, but wouldn’t bug me all the time. He can do all the ‘manly’ things like fires, fish, fix what breaks, carry heavy things, but wouldn’t be overly annoying. He is a person i am comfortable with, and that i can tune out if need be.

The 'Thing' i would bring is a laptop with a internet connection placed into it. the laptop would have a web cam for skype, tons of music and a never dying battery! lol.

Give us 1 random or funny or interesting fact/tidbit about YOU:
i don’t know my left from my right. i can figure it out once i think about it, but i have to remember what hand i write with to know which is my right hand. no- the fact that my left hand makes a ‘L’ doesn’t help. lol. i also cannot spell MOUNTAIN without thinking the acronym ‘My Old Uncle Nortan Took An Interesting Nap’. and working for a company that has MOUNTAIN in the name of it, i think of it ALL the time.



SarahD. said...

you are too sweet! :) i heart you too girl!

Jamie said...

What a great feature!!! Love it!!!
Happy day to you!!! xo

amylou said...

cute random fact!