Monday, March 29, 2010

5 loves on monday

5 things that are making me smile right now......

with these prizes:

pssst...the deadline to enter is only a day or so away- so go sign up to win now!!!

2. minibooks, like these:





3. roller derby.

i went to my very first game this past weekend. it was AWESOME. maybe it's silly, but i really, really want to join now! :)

4. keys and key necklaces.

just too pretty! found here

5. pearl necklaces.

so classy and perfect.
Hope you're having a great Monday!!!
much love,


Jaszmurka said...

Hi :)
Thank you so much :*
I'm so glad that youlike my work :* ♥

Anonymous said...

Aww...thank you so much.
Glad you liked the journal!

Mama Ventura said...

Thanks for tagging my giveaway!

I got your pen pal letter the other day. I already wrote you back because I was so excited :)

Elizabeth said...

There is something so magical about wearing a key around you neck, isn't there? Thanks for sharing these classic necklaces! And roller skates too? I recently went to a 70's themed roller rink birthday party! It was awesome!

Hannah B. said...

*sigh!* I love pearls :)

Chelsea said...

I have been loving pearls lately, too!

rachel! said...

those minibooks are sooo amazing! i hope to have time to make one someday soon!