Tuesday, March 23, 2010

fact tuesday (v.11)

New fact about me.... I've started modeling. Nothing big--just with local photographers and other local models. But it's fun and come on, what girl doesn'tlike to get all dolled up?? :)

found here.

...so what do you think.
By the way, these are really the only pictures I have of my new hair cut... :)


Lindsay said...

Your eyes are stunning, and those cheekbones!!! oh em gee!!!!!! Love it!

Meg said...

Absolutely beautiful! I agree with Lindsay about your eyes and cheekbones!!

Courtney said...

Your hair looks great darker and shorter. I know whenever I do those two things I love my hair more and more.

The Vintage Cabin said...

Hi Kellie,
I just wanted to let you know that I finally managed to get it together and get the post about your dress up on my blog: http://thevintagecabin.blogspot.com/2010/03/customer-appreciation-kellie.html

You look gorgeous, btw! Nice work.

Beth said...

The third one is my favorite, but they're all beautiful pictures!


SarahD. said...

you look beautiful! love the dark hair! :)

Elizabeth said...

So beautiful! The photos and the model ;) You have such a unique look, I could see you being in high demand to do more work ;)

Mama Ventura said...

So beautiful. Your eyes look amazing in these photos. I also really dig the hair. I am excited to see more photos as you continue to model. I'm sure you will get a ton of work.

Allison said...

No joke, you are GORGEOUS. And modeling is so fun! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself and your new fab haircut- because it SHOWS! :D

Eden said...

i love the third one! :)

Becky Farley said...

So pretty! You have great bone structure!

Tiffany said...

These shots are amazing!

Renée said...

Amazing, You have great bone structure!

xo Renée