Friday, March 5, 2010

seriously cool!

So.... the boy sent me a link to this awesome thing!! It is by far one of the coolest things ever. And of course, I want one...BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

learn more about it here.

In other news, last night I got to thinking about my goals. I have a bucket list (thatI want to complete before I die) and just some yearly or monthly goals. One that I've been slacking on and really want is a penpal! Not just the everyday penpal, but one that I can send pretty little packages too and vice versa. Anyone game?????

I'm sooooo glad it's Friday! I can't wait for the weekend!
Hope all of you have a wonderful and sunny weekend! :)



Courtney said...

I'm totally game!
I love typing notes on my typewriter and sending out little presents to people.
I'm totally up for it.

emilia. said...

Oh that is SO neat. :) I'll have to look into that and find out more. :) Cutee blog! Love it.

Anonymous said...

that pen is insanely awesome!! i love that!!

&& if you still need a penpal, sign me up!!

email me lehuaruble[at]msn[dot]com

xoxoKrysten said...

That pen is so cool!

ColeAndJosephine said...

That pen just blew my mind!!! We may not have jet packs and floating cars, but we can draw in the perfect apple red!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

coleandjosephine-- haha yes very true. i guess we know where our priorities lie.

im loving the responses to penpals--- i will def be emailing you ladies!!!!

SarahD. said...

I love penpals! I'm definatly up for it! :) it would be super fun!

That pen is awesome!!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh. I want one of those pens yesterday.

Emily Mae said...

Penpals are so much fun! I'd love to have one, too. :D Haha, looks like you'll have plenty people to send you mail now.

Krista Eitsert said...

Love the pen! Penpals are a great idea.

rachel! said...

THAT PEN. that's crazy? is it like REAL INK? that's insane!

and about peggy- she's actually a babe. (thanks to google images) and i heard she gets prettier as the season goes on. oh, peggy!