Friday, March 26, 2010

i looooove fridays

I think Fridays may be my all time favorite day.

Why I love fridays:

1-my boss brings us these wonderful sandwiches!

(which always comes in handy when I've forgotten my breakfast -which happens a lot!)

2-I get to stay up late and sleep in! (the only night I get to do this now since I work on Sundays too.

3-I haven't slept the day away, an awesome feeling, and I also get more done

4- I have 2 more days of weekend (well 1 now...but still awesome)

5-I can be lazy that night and blame it on a hard day at work

6-I have time to do the things for Sunday that I know won't get done tomorrow


Yay for Fridays! :)

I also want to make another *feature* day. **FILM FRIDAY**

I LOVE movies- seriously, if I could spend an entire day watching them, I would (while also mutli-tasking since I'm too add to sit still sometimes).
This past week being sick made me able to watch a bunch! One that I saw was: In the Loop. Anyone seen it? It was pretty good in my opinion. :)

So I was thinking.... making FILM FRIDAY I wanna share my movie favorites and also get your opinions too! What movies do you love? hate? never ever ever want to hear about again??
I am a huge netflix gal and I'm actually running outta films on my queue--soooooo any movie recommendations??????



Jamie said...

I just saw your post pop up in my reader and said "oooooooh" out loud. Chik-fil-a is my faaaave and we don't have one around here! Yum! lol
Now I'm craving it. ;)

Happy weekend to you!!! Netflix should be delivering Up In the Air and All About Steve so that's what I may watch this weekend. But I'm also really wanting to go to the theater soon.

Happy weekend to you!!!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

you don't have one there? we had ONE in s. fl, but here in Jax they're everywhere it's crazy.
hope you have an awesome weekend--you'll have to let me know how those movies are!!
i wanna go to the movies soon too- i just hate spending that much money :(

Becky Farley said...

oh chik-fil-a I love you so! :) boo sundays when I always want chik-fil-a

Elizabeth said...

I'm SOOO JEALOUS of you right now!! I would die for even a bit of Chik-fil-a! Have great weekend. Hope your feei'n better ;)

Tiffany said...

OMG I want a chicken sandwich right now! :) YUMALISH!
I LOVE movies!! Thanks for sharing your recommendation! Keep them coming! :)
Did you see Away We Go?
Loved it!

Sarah said...

I found your blog earlier this week and love it! Keep up the good blogging! PS I lurv Chic-fil-a. Yum!

Leproust Vintage said...

You are totally right....Fridays are amazing! This weekend has gone far too fast!

Lindsay said...

Hey if your really interested in the organizer I can send you the link to it via email :) Shipping was only like 25-30$ I think and it was 110$ for the organizer :)

katiebug92 said...

mmm... I love chik-fil-a!
btw, I got your letter today, I will try to reply soon. I also sent you a letter earlier in the week, so you should get it soon!
xoxo, Katie