Tuesday, May 11, 2010

fact tuesday

Formspring questions!! (thanks for asking....Courtney. haha!)

question: How would your friends describe you to someone that doesn't know you?
Gessh, I have no idea. I hope that they would say I’m fun to hang out with, caring and easy to get along with. What I’m afraid they’d also say is that I’m over-emotional, a bit drama at times and I over-analyze way too much.

question: What is your favorite thing / thing you love about yourself?
Physically or internally?
Physically I like my eye color. People always assume that they are so blue from my contacts, but my contacts are clear. :)
Internally I’d have to say that I really try to be a good friend and I go out of my way for people in my life to remind them how much I care for them. I haven’t always been the best at it and I still struggle with it sometimes, but I love that I have the heart for it.

question: What would you say is your biggest flaw?
Just one? Maybe that’s one of my biggest flaws, is that I see too much of the negative instead of the positive in myself. Part of it is afraid of being seen as arrogant or stuck-up another part of it is that I’m kinda insecure. Luckily I do think I’m getting better at this..... somewhat!
Another big flaw of mine is my jealousy. It’s kinda bad and I hate that about me!

question: What accomplishment are you most proud of?
It may seem cheesy, but it’s getting this far in life.... Middle school was complete hell for me for a ton of reasons, but one big one was that my parents were going through an ugly separation. I remember it still to this day. Then, about a year later my dad suddenly passed away. He had been one my best friends... Getting through those events was anything but easy, especially when my family was ripped apart due to it. At the time I really only had my mom and she was still torn apart from the divorce. I was 14 and I had to grow up quickly, but I remember thinking to myself I can go about this one of two ways. I can act out and just wallow in self pity and heartache or I can trust in God, lean on Him and my mom and get through it. It was a long hard road, but I was able to lean on them and I got through it. Nine years later I’m still hurt and dealing with all that happened then, but knowing that I took the high road, that I didn’t just allow myself to give up and become a shell of a person is something I am really proud of. It reminds me now when I’m going through tough crap that I can make it, I can get through it and I will be better because of that. It reminds me that I am strong, not weak!
(Sorry for the book.....)

Have any more questions? I'm an open book... just ask me via formspring (on the right side bar on this page) or email them to me, or you can even post them in the comment section here. :)

love, kel


Elizabeth said...

To me Kel, you are flawless!! Thanks for sharing answers to your formspring questions, I enjoy reading them :) To answer your question...I would love to meet up with you and Courtney in August!! Yay, I'm so excited with thoughts of us actually being able to meet face to face in the near future! Where are you staying in Chicago? By August I'll be living in the city, so you are more than welcome to stay with me too! I'm super excited...can't you tell?


Kelly Marie said...

Great answers! Thanks for being so honest with them (:

Jamie said...

You are beautiful! Inside and out! =) Hope you're having a wonderful day!!! xoxo

Courtney said...

I just want everyone to know you like I feel I know you from our letters!
Don't you worry- I'll keep up with the questions too!
I loved your answers Kel-you are so amazing. Seriously.