Thursday, May 6, 2010

Inspiration thursday (with Katie from Unkamama)

I'm really excited to share this thursday's inpiration post, because it is about the lovely Mrs. Katie!!! Katie is by far one of the sweetest people and I absolutely adore her and her blog. She also is a pen pal and fellow Taurus (yup her birthday is May 8th!!!) :)

So here's more about the wonderful Katie!!!

Your name: Katie V.

Where can we find you? I can be found on my blog, Unkamama. The address is I don't have a flikr yet, but I think I may break down soon :)

Tell us a little bit about you!:
I am a vegan mama to a 2 year old boy. I live in a conservative town in AZ, however I am anything but conservative. I love to craft, belly laugh, sing at top volume in my car, watch movies and read. If there is anything you want to know just ask. I am an open book :)

Favorite craft or hobby?
My favorite craft is probably handstitching little creations, mostly owls right now. Although I pretty much like anything and everything as far as crafting goes. I like to make toys for my son, decorations for my house and just little things here and there.

What's next for you? husband and I are sort of starting our lives over. He quit his job because he was unhappy there, we sold our house and almost all of our belongings. We live in a converted garage apartment with my dad. We are downsizing and reprioritizing. Learning that things aren't going to make us happy. We are really just learning how to live life completely differently :) So having said that, I hope that what is next is more growth, literally and figuratively. I hope our family grows from three to four or five. I hope we have some more space to live in and decorate. Craftwise, I really hope to learn how to knit and crochet. I also really hope to travel more. We would absolutely love to RV around the country and see dinky roadside attractions.

5 things that make you happy!
1. My family (obviously)
2. Having a totally stocked fridge after going to the grocery store. I always feel like the world is
my oyster.
3. Bookstores and craft stores
4. Rain, particularly warm rain that you can run around and play in.
5. Blogging and reading other peoples blogs

Where do you find inspiration?
You know... I think I am going to have to start an inspiration file soon because I am really all over the place. I don't have much of a set style in either my clothes, decorations or crafts. So I guess the answer to this one is, stay tuned. I am a work in progress :)

How do you get and stay motivated??
I get the most motivation from creating to do lists. I find that if I start out a day without a set list of items to complete it is easy for me to blow things off. As a stay at home mom I have to create my own structure and schedule. It is definitely something that I am working on. If people have advice, I will gladly take it.

Where's one place you would LOVE to travel to if you could?
I would absolutely love to travel to Alaska. It seems so untamed and beautiful. I love the mountains, so Denali would be right at the top of my list of places in Alaska to visit first. I am just in awe of that whole area.

Tidbit about you?
Something random about me... my husband and I had a head measuring contest once because he said my head is really big. In fact, when we dated the first time his dad remembered me as the girl with the big head. So we broke out a sewing tape measrue one night to see how big my head really is, it turns out that his is bigger! I haven't let him forget it since :)

If you haven't stopped by her blog already, now is the time. You won't be sorry, I promise.

Thanks Katie for agreeing to participate and happy early birthday!!!!!!!!

lovelovelooooooove yall!


Jamie said...

Haha! Love the head measuring story!!!! This is a great interview! Katie is the sweetest!!! I'm excited to be pen pals too! ;)

Great feature, Kellie!!! xo

SarahD. said...

LOL! I loved the head measuring story too! I laughed out loud at work! folks are staring! haha. that is AWESOME! and I wouldnt ever let him forget it Katie! :)

Mama Ventura said...

Thanks for the feature Kellie! Your blog always makes me smile, and it was cool to see my families little faces on there :)

Courtney said...

Ugh! Katie is just so awesome! I am so glad that she randomly emailed me one day-I owe our friendship to the Happy Mail intro post Jamie!
She is so awesome.
Thank Kellie for making such an awesome regular post like this. I love getting to know everyone!

Tiffany said...

Great feature!! Katie is awesome! You are awesome!
Thanks for sharing! :)

Elizabeth said...

Great feature Kel :) It's great to get to know more about this fab pen paler!