Friday, May 21, 2010

film friday (my list of good vs. bad)

Okay, so as I'm sure yall have already noticed, I watch a lot of movies. I'm kind of a homebody and like staying in, but i have to be multitasking in order to be happy and content. In fact multitasking watching movies and doing crafts is like the perfect day for me!! So awhile back I got netflix and I've been both surprised and deeply disappointed in some of the choices.There have been some that are sooo horrible my friends refused to let me pick another group movie for a long time (this is known as the "History Boys" debacle)....

Latley though I've been thinking about how much of a girl I am and how my mind changes so frequently. With movies and such trival things I tend to sway on my opinions. There were a lot of movies that looked stupid via trailers and I refused to watch them, but upon hearing more about them I decided to jump on the bandwagon and see what the fuss was all about....turns out I liked them.

So here are some examples of movies that looked bad but turned out to be soooo great!

Then of course there are the movies that I saw advertised and just HAD to watch. They looked like something I would absolutely fall in love with. While their dissapointment and oddness did not match that of History Boys, they still are considered time wasters in my book (and I hope I don't offend anyone in my movies choices..... my movie taste is not the best I'll be the frist to admit!)

Well, there's my list if the good vs. bad (in my opinion of course!)
What are some films that surprised you in how awful or awesome they actually turned out to be???


Sal said...

that's a lot of movies. i haven't watched ANY of them.

i watched Children of Men which I found rubbish ( a waste of my 2 hrs if u ask me), as well as Indiana Jones (i know i know most ppl will think im crazy), movies i thought was bad but turned out to be awesome would be Julie & Julia and It's complicated (that's just the top of my head).

Krystal said...

LOL I <3 House Bunny -- it was ridiculous and adorable.

Kristie said...

You didn't like Thelma and Louise?
I loved House Bunny, too! :)

Jamie said...

I HATED Rachel Getting Married too! I couldn't even watch the entire thing. Ugh!
haha! Great list!

little ghost said...

i really wanted to watch the lovely bones. and when i watched it, i was SO disappointed. a lot of people i know liked it, but since it pretty much climaxed at the beginning, it seemed like it was just drawn out. i haven't read the book, and to be honest, i really have no interest in doing so, but i hope its better than the movie. some of the images were pretty, but still. i'm glad i watched it at the dollar theater lol.
two movies i was really surprised by were The Orphanage, by Guillermo Del Toro and the new Nightmare on Elm Street. i thought both were going to be REALLY scary (im a wuss) so i avoided watching them . but one day (well on two separate occassions), i grew a pair and decided to watch them. good movies! the orphanage reminds me of a classic horror movie, where the suspense and music make the movie, not blood, guts, and boobs. Nightmare on Elm Street was great, no cheese, and Jackie Earle Haley did a great job as Freddy Kreuger.

yeah. sorry for my ramblings :/ hope they help though!

kanishk said...

I loved House Bunny,
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Mama Ventura said...

Uggghhh, I typed a long comment and it didn't show up :( I am not even going to try and re-do it. Bah!

p.s. I mailed out your giveaway stuff (again) this week. I think it was Thursday or Friday. I sent it Priority, so be on the lookout. I hope you get it this time :):)

Alyssa said...

loved house bunny!
rachel getting married- what an odd movie.

hmm trying to think of movies that i didnt love. or over loved. im drawing a blank! if i think of one ill jump back over here.

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

katie- YES i got it!!!! thank you!!! sorry you had to send it twice. :(
and doubly sorry that your comment didnt post, i HATE when that happens.

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

katie i did get it!!! thank you, so sorry you had to send it twice though :(
and im sorry your comment didnt post...something ironic, i was commenting here saying how i hate when that happens and when i went to post it....error and it didnt go thru so this is the 2nd time ive writtent this...haha

Emily said...

I loved Taking woodstock. It was odd i'll admit but it was a good movie