Tuesday, May 18, 2010

fact tuesday & bff application!

Here are some formspring questions I got. Enjoy! And don't forget to keep asking and I'll answer them every Tuesday!!!

question: What items are at the top of your list to look for when you go thrifting?
Right now I’m keeping my eye out for milkglass vases. And cute retro clothes are always on my list!

question: What's the one thing you wish you could do over again?
This is a tough one. I honestly go back and forth with myself on this question from “I wish I could have done _______ differently” to “but if I had, then I wouldn’t be here now.” The truth is there are tons of things I wish I could change, mostly in regards to relationships and how I’ve handled myself in them, but if things had been any different, my life would be different. True, life has ups and downs, but for the most part I like where I am in life and who I’ve become and everything in my past and present has shaped that. So....I guess I wouldn’t change anything (lame answer I know, sorry!)

Also.....found via Katie's blog, Courtney's blog and originally from Rebecca's blog.... I decided to fill out this bff application. You should too, then link me to it, I'd love to see your answers!

Name: Kellie (but you can call me Kel, Kells/Kellz, etc. just no KELLY(or you will be disqualified as my bff!!)).
Age: 23
Birthday: 5-5
Location: jacksonville, fl (native floridian)
Sign: taurus..beware of my stubbornness


Favorite Bands/singers: regina spektor, ingrid michaelson, ben folds, the format, mae, the beatles, frank sinatra, louis armstrong, yeah yeah yeahs, rilo kiley, phoenix, camera obscura, passion pit. empire of the sun, beck, etc. I live on music!

Favorite Movies: pretty in pink, the godfather (1 & 2, havent seen 3 yet), the holiday, under the tuscan sun, borne movies, indian jones and the last crusade...the list could go on i LOVE movies

FavoriteTV Channel: don't have one...i tend to watch netflix

Smoke: nope
Drink: at times
Drive: jetta, grey 2005

Job: youth director/leader and receptionist, oh yea and student

Piercings/tattoos: 2; a trinity knot with deuteronomy 31:6 written around it (on right hip) and love written in cursive on my left wrist

Hair Color: right now brown (im a natural blonde tho)
Eye Color: blue
Contacts/Glasses: contacts mostly, glasses at night or when sick

Pets: 2 dogs (that have to live with my parents :( a doxie whos 6 named Au'bre and a 13 year old shelty mix/pound pup named Coco

Description of your style: uhh.... indie wannabe? haha.

More Favorites:
Food: pizza or anything italian; chicken and dumplings
Snack: anything! especially if its bad for me :(
Drink: coke
Animal: dog

Holiday: i loved christmas before it got so commerical, so id say thanksgiving (who doesnt love a holiday ALL about food) or halloween

Season: summer
Sport: hockey and football
Place to shop: etsy, 5 pts area in Jacksonville, target, urban outfitters, or any craft store!
Clothing brand: i dont pay much attention to this actually
Restaurant: anything
Fruit: pineapple, apple, banana
Magazine: vogue, cosmo
Vegetable: carrot, green pepper
Fast Food Restuarant: ick i dont really like fast food
Genre: i like it all
Pizza topping: cheese please
Ice cream flavor: pistachio, mint chocolate chip, cherry garcia, willy nelson's, (i like it all really)
City: london, berlin, NYC, DC
Color: pink, orange, teal, mustard yellow
Number: 5
Quotes: love until it hurts, then love more- mother Theresa

Would you keep my secret? im an excellent secret keeper....i only let that whole santa thing slip once or twice, but ive gotten better since then!

Would you laugh at my jokes? im easily amused and think pretty much everything is funny

Would you go to concerts with me? i like concerts as long as there are no moshpits, those freak me out

Would you go shopping with me? i looooooove shopping. will you help me not spend all of my money?

Would you not go to a party so you could stay with me if I was sick? im the best nurse ever! ask the bf

What would you do to cheer me up? to cheer up friends, ive been known to serenade them (both in private and public..cher or beatles anyone??), make funny faces, make an absolute fool out of myself, write pick me up notes, make mix cds, and buy tons of wallowing foods!

What would you do to have fun? photoshoots, travel, shopping, sports, beach, you name it! (my middle name after all is "Go.")

Can we take many many cute photos together? i love taking photos and being in them at times.... so yes!

YOUR TURN!! I wanna read your bff applications! :)



Carrie said...

I love milk glass too!


Courtney said...

Cute! I love that everyone is filling these out- I love getting to know people through lists and Q&A.

Kristie said...

This is really cute! I'll totally have to do this later.

Lindsay said...

I love the BFF application!!! so cute!!! I should fill it out!! :D
P.S. there is a long letter on the way to you, sorry for the novel in advance!

Mama Ventura said...

First of all, I got my letter and cd yesterday!! I love the cd so much, I have been rocking it since I got it. Thank you so much for being so wonderful and thoughtful. :)

Secondly, I loved reading all of your answers.

Manda said...

This is going to come across as "motherly" even though I'm only 6 years older then you....

You are cute as a button <3

Just saying!

Manda said...

Apparently I'm SO old I can't do math anymore...
I'm 7 years older. Hahaha

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Hehe - cute "application!" I'm also a big fan of milkglass anything and retro clothes. Now I want to go thrifting!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

aw thanks everyone!!
and manda- that totally doesnt come across as motherly!! pretty much all of my friends are older (one is 50+) and my sister is 12 years older than me, so age is just a silly number to me! and btw your comment made my day, thanks! :)

Alexandra Williams said...

Okay so you're answer two the second formspring question is so NOT lame! It's so honest, plus if we got do-overs in life it wouldn't be life!

kanishk said...

I love that everyone is filling these out
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