Wednesday, May 19, 2010

wednesday wishes

this week i am wishing for.....

1. new sunglasses

in the past 2 weeks i've lost 3 pair sof sunglasses in the cruelest of ways..... perhaps i should be more careful....

2. for youth events to come together....we have a yard sale this saturday and a lock in next friday...ekkkkk!!! im really nervous about all the pre-sale work

What do you wish for?? Feel free to join the Wednesday Wishes feature-- just post a link to yours in the comment section so we can all follow along!! :)

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much love,


Annie♥ said...

thanks a lot for following me back!
as for the bag that u asked it is from H&M but I bought it last year so I don't really know if u can find it now...too bad cause i love it and its very useful!

Anne xxx

Alyssa said...

Girl how on earth did you manage to break 3 pairs in one week?

and whats a lock in?


...on the brink of something beautiful said...

thanks annie!!

alyssa- haha i have NO idea how i broke so many in only 2 weeks... one i always keep in my purse and im rough on my purses, so i understand that; however, the other was just sitting in my car... and the last one- the lenses just always always fall out

a lock in is typically an event held for youth/kids. roller rinks use to have them too, but its kinda a common bonding thing that churches do for their students. our church is having one for the high schoolers. theyll get there after school/work on friday night and well have pizza and watch movies and stay up almost all night, then they try to sleep a bit, and wake up and go home saturday around like noon.... so it'll be tons of exhausting!! lol

It's this or therapy said...

i'm VERY sad that you broke the brown glasses :( This just means that we need to go shopping for another set of matching sunglasses. lol.

P.S I went to Michael's and bought a paint by numbers because you wrote about wanting one about a week ago.. i think. i started it, and i'm determined to have it come out awesome!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

kimster- i did!! and im jealous youre already starting and i havent!! haha
but heres another one for you to do, I HAVE TO DO THIS!!!:

Anonymous said...

I wish for eternal happiness! :) Good luck on your yard sale! And the answer to your question, I live in NY but I'm moving soon for college!

kanishk said...

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