Tuesday, June 1, 2010

my long weekend

Yay for Tuesday!!! I love when the work week starts later than usual! Especially because being off Monday meant I finally got a day off!! It was the first day in 2 weeks! I loved it! It was nice finally being able to sleep in.
All in all it was a very lovely weekend, although I have realized my not blogging during the weekend makes me kinda sad. I think I'm going to start trying to make time to blog (or at least read blogs) during my weekends so that I don't feel like I've lost touch with anyone (which is how I sometimes feel come Monday morning).

This weekend by bestie came into town!!!! It made me sooo happy to see her I could've done backflips! She came in for the lock in (I figured it would be perfect timing, since she was the youth leader at my church before I was). The kids were soooo happy to see her. It sucked having to say goodbye, but I'm so glad she was here for at least a couple days. I'm gonna miss her like heck when she leaves the country for her mission trip!!
The lock in suprisingly went pretty well.... they went to bed around 2 (thank you Lord!!!!) I seriously was worried that everyone would stay up late and try to do things to those already asleep. They didn't. It was honestly just like having a massive sleep over with my best friends. I love those guys and gals- they are all so amazing and smart and all around awesome! I thank God for their presence in my life everyday!
The rest of our lock in included some....
...and other movies and games. Plus TONS of food. *Thanks Leigh!!*
Another amazing, AMAZING part of my weekend was getting to dog sit Toast (my neighbors dog). He is the freaking best dog ever.... (well top three with mine anywho!)
*this picture of Toast and Jeff is one of my all time favorites!!!*
PS Jeff K., if you are reading this...I hope you enjoyed the youth group and I singing lady gaga and miley cyrus to you.
PPS Jeff K, we freaking miss you, get your ass up to Jax to visit already!!!!
The rest of my weekend:
-tons of reading
-rented this movie..... honestly i was hoping I'd like it...maybe i just wasnt in the british humor mood... i don't know.
the boy and i also got a chance to hang out on my lovely day off!
i did a lot of reading, cuddeling, and watching crazy tv (that he enjoys-haha)
then sushi for dinner....YUM

and red velvet (my choice) and orginal (his choice) fro yo for dessert!
then we just drove around aimlessly listening to music and getting lost, one of my favorite things to do with Dan. It's just relaxing and fun... plus the houses we ran across were AMAZING. i want one of them soo bad...
he also was kind enough to watch the bachelorette with me :) which sadly got cut short for us when my building's fire alarm went off.... we evacuated and waited for the fire trucks.....and no exaggeration..... 6 showed up in our community (which is relatively small) and another 3 passed by trying to get in..... crazy! then they couldnt figure out which unit had the shut off panel, causing the alarm to continue going off for over 30 minutes. i got to meet more of my neighbors though which was pretty awesome!! :)

How was YOUR weekend????
Also, I'd like to wish Jamie a happy, happy birthday today!!
Hope it's going perfectly!!! (Go wish her a happy birthday and enter her giveaway before she picks the winner tonight!)


Carrie said...

sounds like a great weekend! I use to love going to lock ins they were so much fun!


Jamie said...

Thanks, Love!!! I was thinking of you this weekend and am so glad the lock-in went well and they went to bed (relatively) early!!! I'm watching the Bachelorette too. We'll have to compare notes, hehe. Sounds like a great weekend! So glad you got to enjoy it!!!! I wrote you a long letter last nite. ;)
xoxo -j